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Vaseline Hacks for Your Face, Hair & Body


Chances are, there's a tub, tube or bottle of Vaseline somewhere in your bathroom or buried in your purse. Besides being the ultimate, no-fail lip balm, Vaseline has many other beauty tricks up its sleeve. We've got plenty of ways for you to use Vaseline in your everyday beauty routine, so next time, go ahead and buy that extra-large tub.


Stunning earrings quickly lose their appeal when it hurts just to put them in. Before putting in your bling, rub some Vaseline where your piercing is. The balm will help ease any pain, especially when it comes to those heavy studs.


If you're out of eyebrow liner or just out of time, a quick and light coat of Vaseline will define your brows just as well. Warm up a dab in between your fingers and gently brush your brows up and out. The Vaseline will also nourish and protect your brows—perfect if you're trying to grow them out!

Cream makeup

Want to achieve that natural makeup look that we all work so hard (read: too hard) to get? The secret is Vaseline. Turn your powder blush into a cream blush, which will dilute the color for a subtle flush. Or, make a champagne eyeshadow into a luminizer to highlight your cheekbones. You can even transform your lipstick into a tinted lip balm for more natural color. Get where we're going with this?


You've got to hand it to the Kardashians. Those ladies own sleek ponytails. Next time you want the same polished look, comb a tiny amount of Vaseline into your hairline to easily banish those pesky baby hairs.

Split ends

We all get split ends, there's no denying that. We can, however, make them disappear with a little miracle balm on the ends. Just as you would use a hair serum or oil, apply Vaseline (sparingly, so your hair doesn't look greasy!) to hide that you missed your last hair appointment.

Hair dye 

Dying your hair is one thing. Accidentally dying the skin around your hairline is another. Make sure this never has a chance of happening again by putting a thick layer of Vaseline around your hairline to soak up any rogue hair dye. This is a situtation where coloring inside the lines definitely applies.


Going through expensive bottles of perfume too quickly? Rub some Vaseline into your pulse points before spraying your perfume, and the scent will hold longer through the day, which means less perfume wasted!


If you've ever put on lotion after shaving and felt your legs burning, you'll want to switch to Vaseline. The non-irritating and hypoallergenic formula is great for sensitive skin. Also, pertoleum jelly will lend a hint of glow to your legs, making them look slim, long and toned—win. 

Dry skin

Vaseline jelly is well known for its power to heal dry skin. Apply to rough knees and elbows for soft, touchable skin. Rub on cracked heels before putting on socks to lock in moisture. Soften dry cuticles and hands. And don't forget your lips! 

What's your favorite way to use Vaseline?

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