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The 24 Stages of Spring Semester


1. You tear up just thinking about how much you missed your roommate over winter break, and your reunion is nothing short of movie-scene-worthy.

2. You’re actually looking forward to your first day of classes so you can show off your new outfits...

...and scope out the cuties in your new classes.

3. Syllabus week feels like Christmas came twice.

4. This is going to be the semester you get a 4.0, you can feel it!

5. Unless you worked over break or scored some major cash from your grandparents for the holidays, your wallet is probably feeling a lot lighter after fall semester.

6. You’re still going strong with your New Year’s resolutions, so you sign up for the 7 a.m. spinning class that “will be totally worth it!”

7. You meet someone who hates your history professor as much as you do and you wonder where she has been all of your life.

8. You picked out your next boyfriend on the first day of class, but you start to realize that maybe he has other ideas.

9. You thought you had rested up over winter break, but before you know it, you’re back to being a zombie.

10. One late-night pizza run later, your New Year’s diet goes down the drain.

11. Valentine’s Day can make or break the whole month of February.

12. Unless you’re lucky enough to go to a school in a warmer climate, you're debating actually moving to Mexico.

13. Summer feels SO far away... until you have to figure out a summer internship.

14. You made it to the first four weeks of spinning, so, A for effort, right?

15. All you can think about for the entire month of February is spring break...

16. ...but you realize that you may not have left yourself enough time to get the bikini body you’ve been dreaming of.

17. You expect to come back from your spring break tanner and rejuvenated, but you have a test the day you get back to school.

18. You studied for like an hour last night, so the bar sounded like a great idea. Sorry, GPA.

19. You love your roommate, but your hallmates rudely remind you of the noisiness joys of cohabitation.

20. You run out of clean clothes, laundry money and motivation. So sweatpants it is!

21. You thought you got enough family time over winter break, but you start to miss your annoying little sister. A lot.

22. Every holiday becomes a desperate excuse for celebration. St. Patrick’s Day? Absolutely! April Fool’s Day? Sure, why not?

23. And once it finally looks like this outside, you say goodbye to any productivity.

24. When summer finally comes, you never want to leave.

Have a great second semester, collegiettes!

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