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The 11 People You See Over Break


During winter break, you can only sit on your couch and watch Netflix for so long. Eventually you have to go out into your hometown... which means seeing everyone you knew in high school. Great.

1. Your High School Best Friend

It’s like you never left. Plus, you don’t even need catch up since you stalk each other’s Facebooks regularly. She’s the perfect person to wear sweatpants and drink wine with when you’re feeling antisocial.

2. The Superficial Girl

You were sort of acquaintances in high school, but now every time you run into her at Starbucks, she hugs you and screams and acts like you were lifelong besties. She always asks you to catch up, but you never do.

3. The Eye-Contact Avoider

You know her. You KNOW you know her. But as soon as you make eye contact, she puts her head down and pretends you’re a stranger. It’s even better when you’re in the middle of that awkward half-wave. 

4. Your (Really Cute) High School Ex-Boyfriend

You've definitely moved on, but damn, he still looks good. Somehow you still get tongue-tied when he asks how you’re doing. Maybe you should ask for his new number...

5. Your (Really Annoying) High School Ex-Boyfriend

Without fail, he texts you every break and asks to get back together. Running into him is like a bad rom-com because he’s still convinced you’re soul mates. No thanks.

6. The Party Thrower

So what you never really spoke in high school? You know he always throws house parties, so now you’re strictly drinking buddies.

7. Your Clique That Drifted Apart

Distance got the best of you, and despite coffee-date catchups, you realize you have NOTHING in common anymore. So instead of reminiscing about your high school adventures, you’re stuck in uncomfortable conversations about your classes and the weather.

8. The Hottie Hookup

He’s that one football player you had a crush on for years, but nothing ever happened. When you see him on New Year’s, you make it your goal to snag him as your midnight kiss. So what he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed? You’re doing this for your sophomore self.

9. The Complete Transformation

When you run into her at the grocery store, you barely recognize her. She went from gawky to gorgeous and now plans to drop out of school to become a full-time model. Some people just walk in the light, you know?

10. The Newlyweds

They were Prom King and Queen in high school, they went to the same college and you vaguely remember groaning at their engagement announcement on Facebook. When you run into them, you can't help but stare at the girl's ring and feel so incredibly old. What happened to "casually dating" in your twenties?

11. The Guy Who's Stuck in High School

Even though you graduated and moved onto bigger and better things, every time you run into him, he's wearing his varsity jacket and reminiscing about the good old days. It's like deja vu because he literally hasn't changed. At all.

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