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The 7 Best New Things on Netflix


If you haven't already noticed, Netflix added a whole new lineup of movies and TV series for you to binge-watch. Instead of staying in bed all day watching shows you've already seen a million times, you can now stay in bed all day watching new ones! Here are a few of our favorites.

1. 101 Dalmatians

You heard right: Pongo and Perdy are BACK. Get ready to cry over the fact that you didn't get a Dalmatian puppy for Christmas.

2. Bruce Almighty

Good news: You can now watch Jim Carrey at his best over and over again! Plus, who doesn't love Morgan Freeman as God?

3. Cast Away

You might need three boxes of tissues to cry over Wilson, but watching this movie is worth it. (FYI: Wilson is a volleyball. You will still cry.)

4. Shall We Dance?

Basically the next best thing to Dirty Dancing, this one's perfect for a girls' night in.

5. Mean Girls

This is unquestionably Netflix's most fetch addition.

6. Batman & Robin 

As much as we love Christian Bale as Batman, it's hard to beat this classic take on a superhero and his sidekick.

7. Friends

And, finally, the one we've all been looking forward to the most. If you haven't gotten acquainted with this hilarious group of New Yorkers yet (or even if you have!), get ready to meet your new addiction. 

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