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9 Ways to Stay Warm on Your Way to the Gym


Half the battle of working out is physically getting to the gym. It's a task that's hard enough as it is, but when it's below zero out, it turns into the trek of a lifetime (and not in the good way). A quick fix to this problem can be just to forget the gym all together and to stay in under your cozy blankets, but that's not what you resolved to do, oh, a mere week ago. The next best solution to this issue is layering up in some cute and warm activewear for your commute. Here are our favorite pieces for you to wear to and from the gym:

1. Hooded Poncho, Victoria’s Secret, $129.50

This hoodie/poncho hybrid is great to throw over a long sleeve tee for some extra warmth. It even has pockets!

2. Metallic Down Vest, Athleta, $168

More exciting than a plain ol’ black vest, this metallic titanium one is sure to lock in any body heat you might have left after you’ve stepped foot outside.

3. Training Pants, Adidas, $40

These sweats are easy to throw right on top of the shorts you wear to the gym. Anything to avoid those questionable gym locker rooms, are we right?

4. Fleece Parka, Nike, $350

Though the material seems thin and light, this long jacket will give you the warmth of a typical parka without the bulkiness, thanks to Nike's innovative fabric technology.

5. Cabin Onesie, lululemon, $168

This onesie, made from super soft fabric, is the perfect layering piece to throw on after your workout. The slightly cropped leg won’t drag in the snow and slush on your walk.

6. Fleece Bomber, Nike, $150

Made of the same fleece as the parka (#4), this bomber jacket is great for not only going to and from the gym, but it also serves as a fashionable everyday jacket to wear to class—such an upgrade from your college sweatshirt.

7. Scuba Hoodie, lululemon, $108

It comes in fifteen different colors, is made of a thick cotton fleece, and the sleeves have thumbholes so your hands can stay warm even when you forget your gloves.

8. Embodiment Tights, Athleta, $49.99

Tights or leggings are a winter essential for keeping your legs toasty. This pair keeps you warm when you’re outside, but is breathable and cool when you’re working out.

9. Large Metro Tote, Nordstrom, $195

Of course you need something that can carry all of your gym essentials when your hands aren’t free (read: stuffed in your pockets). This nylon tote is big enough for a change of clothes, before-and-after snacks and even some books if you’re headed to the library afterwards.

Don’t let the cold weather keep you from getting your workout in! What are you going to wear to stay warm on your way to the gym, collegiettes?

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