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5 Ways to Up Your Gym Hair Game


It's a new year, and most of us probably promised ourselves we'd start hitting the gym more. Going to the gym doesn't necessarily mean you can't still look cute as ever. While a full face of makeup may not be ideal for your workout, there are ways you can style your hair for the gym that are just as fabulous and easy to do. Not only do we believe you can hold out on your resolution—but your hair can, too! Trust us, these 'dos will make you want to venture out to the gym more often.

Fishtail braid

Take your braids to the next level and do a fishtail braid! It looks elegant, keeps your hair of your face and isn't likely to fall out mid-run. The great thing about braids is that you can even take them out after the gym and end up with effortless waves.

Sleek ponytail

A sleek high (or low) pony makes you look like you mean business at the gym. It's not only chic, but it does its job—which is keeping your hair out of your face. Feel free to be creative! Take a strand of hair and wrap it around your hair-tie for a seamless look. Or jazz it up with a headband, which is just as useful as it is stylish!

French braid to ponytail

Get the best of both worlds with a braid and a pony. French braid your hair down the side, down the middle, or even up the back for something different. Braid it halfway, and tie the remainder of your hair into a pony for an easy yet fashionable 'do.


This is a Beyoncé-certified look, which means you can trust that it works for both the red carpet and high-intensity moves. Give that plain ol' sock bun some major height, and try adding a headband that matches your workout gear for some flair!


Not sure if you want a ponytail or a bun? Do both. Simply make a pony tail, and wrap the hair around the base several times. Pull the rest of the hair out of the center of your makeshift bun. As an alternative, you can also make a bun first, and then pull some hair from the center. Whichever works for you! 

Get creative and combine braids with buns, braids with ponies, and even ponies on ponies for hair with enough stamina for your workout. Just be sure to avoid anything that's too loose—otherwise the 'do won't last!

Which look will you be trying the next time you hit the gym?

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