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Your Ultimate Travel Beauty Routine


Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you have to stop looking your best. We don’t mean you need to put on a full face of make-up, or get a blow-out before boarding your flight. Keep it low-maintenance and fabulous with a few easy-to-do tips to achieve your ultimate airport look!

Light mascara

It can be extremely tiring having to prepare for a full day of travel, especially when it requires arriving super early to your flight. Keep your eyes looking bright with a few strokes of the Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara ($10), which will give you fluttery, long lashes!

Dewy skin

There’s no need to pile on the heavy foundation when you’ll be sitting on an airplane for hours. Focus on looking fresh as opposed to cakey. Bobbi Brown SPF 15 Tinted Moisturizer ($44) applies smoothly to the skin and won’t settle into fine lines. Keep your skin even and dewy, and don’t worry about the coverage.

Simple hair

Keep your hair out of your face when flying so you won’t have to worry about walking off the plane with your curls falling and looking limp. It can be helpful to shower before you leave for the airport and apply some Redken Curvaceous Wave Ahead Texturizing Mousse ($18) through your hair. Twist two braids in your hair and when you step off the ramp, let them loose and you’ll have perfect, natural waves.

Fun, bright lip

Sticking to simple makeup and hair is key when travelling, but feel free to perk up your face with a bright, moisturizing lip. The air on the plane will totally dry out your lips, so try a hydrating Revlon Colorburst™ Balm Stain ($9.49) which is easy to apply and adds a touch of color to your lips that'll you looking glam.

Glowing cheeks

On top of your dewy skin, patting some cream blush on to your cheekbones can really add some life to your face. Finish off your airport look acting as though the paparazzi are waiting for you when you get off your flight. Dab a small amount of the Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee ($22) to your cheeks and the glowy finish will keep your simple look fresh and clean.

Hydrated skin

The air on your flight is super drying to your face and can suck every last bit of hydration from your pores. If you’d prefer a no makeup look, spread some of the Glamglow Thirstymud™ Hydrating Treatment mask ($69) to your face when you take your seat and let it work it’s moisturizing magic as your fly. Let it sit on your face throughout the flight or take a facial cloth and wipe it off.

Stay fabulous even while traveling with these simple and easy beauty tips to complete your airport routine!

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