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11 Celebs Who Make Us Want to Dye Our Hair Crazy Colors


Unconventionally colored hair has been all the rage this year, with what seems like every bright young thing sporting various versions of neon. But not everyone can pull off rainbow locks. It takes some serious guts to don a wild shade. These celebs rock the look so well, they make us want to run to the nearest salon, ASAP.

1. Kylie Jenner’s grey ombré

Far from granny-ish, Kylie’s silver hair is the epitome of chic.

2. Katy Perry’s maroon 'do

Known for her statement-making looks, Perry turns it down a notch (yes, down) with maroon. We approve.

3. Sienna Miller’s peach tint

In a sheer rinse of color, Sienna Miller’s sunny orange is perfect for newbies.

4. Rita Ora’s pastel bob

Ora shows a softer side with a light pink shade.

5. Lilah Parsons’ dip-dyed ends

Blue and purple add a bold punch of attitude to Parsons’ long tresses.

6. Lily Allen’s blunt multi-colored cut

Allen stuns in a mix of warm and cool tones at this past year’s Serpentine Summer Party.

7. Nicole Richie’s sleek navy

Nicole Ritchie switches it up, swapping purple for navy. Blue hair has never looked so elegant.

8. Vanessa Hudgens’ red tips

Hudgens' fire engine red ends are the perfect addition to this vampy look.

9. Barbara Palvin’s violet locks

Palvin’s flattering purple hue had plenty of shock value when she revealed it over Instagram this past spring.

10. Rihanna’s pink pixie

A fearless cut AND a fearless color! Rihanna’s chop is the perfect combination of girly and edgy.

11. Chloe Norgaard in every color ever

The 22-year-old model is the ultimate chameleon, with almost every color of the rainbow in her repertoire.

Which of these colors would you dare try, collegiettes?

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