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Your Ultimate Gym Beauty Routine: Do's & Don'ts


With the new year coming up tomorrow, you've probably already resolved to get yourself in shape (again). As you're planning out your new workout routine, don't forget to think about your before-and-after beauty regimen, too—we've got some great tips to keep you looking fabulous from the inside out!

Before you hit the gym

DO drink a glass or two of water. It will keep you hydrated before you begin sweating, and it's great for your skin, since it allows your body to flush out toxins and nourish your cells. Make sure you bring a water bottle with you to the gym as well so you can keep drinking water as needed.

DON'T do your makeup. This will increase your likelihood of breaking out, since foundation and running on the treadmill don't mix well. Plus, who wants to worry about not-so-smokey eyes or smudged lipstick when you're trying to work on your fitness? If you really want to wear something, just opt for a simple lip balm such as one from EOS to keep your lips moisturized. 

DO pack a small athletic towel in your bag to wipe your face throughout your workout, if you desire. This can help you keep your skin clear and feel more comfortable.

DON'T wash your face. You'll just be sweating more anyways, so there's no need to wash your skin before you go; wait for this until you get back home. 

At the gym

DO continue to drink water throughout your workout. It will give your body the hydration it needs to endure a difficult workout, and will continue to do wonders for your skin. 

DON'T worry too much about your appearance while you're rocking it at the gym. You're there to get exercise and improve your health, so remind yourself it's not a beauty pagent and keep doing your thing! 

DO freshen up a bit once you've completed your workout. Depending on how long your commute back home is, it just helps you to feel more comfortable. Here are a few items we recommend:

After the gym

DO shower as soon as possible. You'll feel better overall, and it's good to cleanse yourself to wash away sweat and odor before continuing with the rest of your day. This is the time when you should wash your face thoroughly with a gentle cleanser, such as Aveeno's Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser ($7). You can also wash your body with a gentle, nourishing body wash such as the Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash ($5.50) to prevent body acne. 

DO continue to drink more water to restore any fluids your body lost while sweating, and to continue to help keep your skin clear. 

What is your gym beauty routine, collegiettes? Tell us in the comments!

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