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6 Queer Web Series You Need to Binge-Watch


Many of us have a slight addiction to binge-watching TV shows, but it doesn’t take long to run out of LGBTQ+-friendly stuff to watch on Netflix. Looking to find something new? Check out a web series!

Each of the shows we’re recommending features at least one LGBTQ+ character and has LGBTQ+ issues as at least one of its central themes—and it treats it in a way actually directed at queer audiences. No token gay characters here. Here are just a few of our favorite web series out there.

1. K&A

Taking place in Boston, K&A is a comedy about two best friends (Karly, straight; and Alex, lesbian) that can be found on YouTube. Too dependent on each other to really find love with anyone else, the two have a bunch of odd adventures, like that time they go to the gynecologist and learn that queer girls can, in fact, get STIs, and the time they attempt a detox. Throughout the five-episode series, they spend time getting weird with each other and, yep, doing a decent amount of drinking.

What really makes this show worth watching is that it manages to embed important topics (STIs and alcoholism in the queer community) within strange conversations and humor. Lines like “My vagina feels like an avenger” will keep you coming back for more.

If you like comedy sketches and strong female characters, K&A is the show for you.

2. Little Horribles

There’s nothing like a show that opens with a lesbian sitting on a toilet with a cookie on her leg and another in her mouth.

Little Horribles is a comical web series that came out in 2013 that chronicles the decisions of a super-awkward, super-imperfect lesbian. She’s the type of woman to sleep with a woman and then call her friend (the ridiculously cool Issa Rae, whom some of you might know from her web series Awkward Black Girl) to tell her that she may have found the woman to mother all of her future children—and then get dumped by her in the morning.

Available on YouTube, the show is totally body-positive and honest in its portrayal of queerness and what it means to be a human in general. The women look like people, coming in all shapes and sizes—you don’t see that often on your TV screen—and everyone feels like a real person just struggling through dates and stilted conversation.

You’ll totally feel for Amy as she talks too much about tulips on first dates and goes to the movies by herself (only to hang—and totally bond—with a bunch of old people).

If you like shows like Girls and other half-drama, half-comedies, you’ll love Little Horribles.

3. F to 7th

Telling the story of an older lesbian and her “descent into pre-middle age,” F to 7th is a comedy that currently consists of two seasons. The show follows Ingrid, who is doing some self-exploration and dealing with her own sexuality after her bisexual girlfriend breaks up with her and her friends tease her for being butch but not wanting to admit to it. But don’t let that fool you into thinking this is a drama. Instead, this show hosts a quiet sort of humor, so you’ll love it if you fawn over shows like Arrested Development.

Since most shows that openly deal with sexuality tend to focus on people in their twenties or younger, this show is a welcome change. In episode two, Ingrid is called “a quiet case amongst dykes” for acting more stereotypically masculine, leading to a humorous discussion about the use of terminology like “butch.” The show even goes as far as to discuss the ability of women to be misogynistic. However, these conversations never feel like they’re going too far or beating you over the head with their messages. Pretty much everyone is too invested in Ingrid’s sex life and gender identity, an issue that is coated in comedy.

This is a good watch for anyone who likes politically correct shows but still has a sense of humor.

4. Carmilla

Carmilla, a modern adaptation of the novella by J. Sheridan LeFanu, tells the story of a queer collegiette and her fellow queer-girl friends, and their realization that their university is more supernatural than it once seemed. The show kicks off when Laura’s roommate disappears overnight. Her new roommate, the semi-sketchy Carmilla, is the roommate from hell. The realization that Carmilla is maybe a little strange occurs when Laura steals Carmilla’s soy milk to retaliate… and blood comes out of the carton.

This show will suck you in (no pun intended) because of the incredible bond between the friends and the way that the characters are so well developed. You can watch all 36 episodes of the first season on YouTube.

An added bonus for those who love to dive headfirst into a new show, Carmilla uses social media to connect with viewers and is active on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

This series is a must-see for anyone who has followed other adaptations of Carmilla or who loves mysteries—and some serious unresolved sexual tension.

5. Kelsey

Kelsey, a web series with 14 episodes, is about a totally weird girl and her friends. Fresh out of a long-term relationship, Kelsey is dating around (a lot) and trying to figure out what kind of person she actually wants to be with. Obviously, hilarious mishaps ensue.

The show kicks off with Kelsey failing pretty badly at moving on after her breakup. She makes a miserable attempt at a dating profile, dances alone in her apartment to “Can’t Touch This” and is then dragged to a bar by her hyper-diverse group of friends, where she experiences basically one of the worst kisses in the history of kissing.

A winning Kelsey line? “She’s Cameron Diaz, I’m an ogre and Pixar movies do come true.”

Kelsey is a must-watch for anyone who likes comedies about groups of friends. Each of Kelsey’s friends is quite a character, and you’ll wish you had friends like each of hers to get you through a breakup—even if it means getting set up with someone who would Hoover away at your bottom lip.

6. The 3 Bits

The 3 Bits is unique in that it follows three young siblings—two of whom who are queer—through their separate lives, devoting three episodes to each for a total of nine episodes. With themes like sex, drugs and family woven throughout, it’s sure to be an interesting watch for anyone with a thing for blunt characters with messy histories.

As The 3 Bits creators say, because it’s a web series, the show doesn’t have to bend to the desires of executives or advertisers. They get to “weird out”, which basically means talking about real-life experiences, totally unfiltered.

Mommy blogger Madison will make you laugh out loud—and cringe a little, too—as she challenges everyone who has ever judged a mom for not being good enough to her kid. She is a feminist in her own way, constantly talking about what it means to be a woman versus what it means to be a man.

Roman has recently stopped selling weed to become a gardener. You’ll admire her quiet nature and sweet heart. The moment she gest all dressed up to take her girlfriend on a date, you’ll swoon, and you’ll fall even further when you find out about her messy past—and messy present.

Henry, the third sibling, is introduced with a bang—no pun intended—via an orgy. He and his roommate, who is also queer, are trying to figure out whom to invite to their orgy through a hilarious exchange, considering that neither of them seem to have any idea what they’re doing.

This show is great for the stranger collegiettes who are looking for a show to weird out with.

Now that you’re armed with a new stash of inclusive web series ranging from comedy to supernatural, go grab your laptop and curl up for a few good hours (or days) of LGBTQ+ TV-watching!

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