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9 Amazingly Weird Gifts for a White Elephant Gift Exchange


When the holiday season rolls around, it’s easy to turn into a scrooge at the thought of overspending on presents. Even if you’re a girl on a collegiette budget, gift-giving doesn’t always have to be expensive! A white elephant exchange is like a regular holiday swap, but with a fun game and quirky, inexpensive gifts. People give gifts nobody really wants or needs—but that’s the fun of it! Check out some of the most hilarious and bizarre gift ideas for your friends’ white elephant exchange.

1. iPhone Sticky Notes

$7.95 at iLoveHandles

Even though a note-taking app will do the same thing with less effort, we actually want this.

2.Magic Emotiball

$16 at Urban Outfitters

Remember your old Magic 8 Ball? Ask this emotiball a question and you can get any emotion from, “Bleh probs not” to, “Yes, obvi.”

3.InflatableUnicorn Horn

$8 at Archie McPhee

We can’t think of anyone who would be happy to receive this. It’s perfect.

4.DIY Snowman Poop

Tutorial at Enchanted Ladybug Creations

It’s really just Tic Tacs, but nobody has to know that.

5.Head Massager

$6 at Urban Outfitters

Because even though you can rub your own head, this gadget can do it, too.

6.Safari Cookie Cutters

$12 at iLoveHandles

Everyone loves cookies and animals. Not to mention these cookie cutters make 3D treats!

7.Sriracha Candy Canes

$4.50 at The Oatmeal Shop

Because some like it hot, right? These candy canes replace their typical refreshing peppermint taste with unbearably spicy Sriracha. Yum.

8.99 Hairbands Ball

$5.99 at Perpetual Kid

Perfect for that friend who is always asking if anyone has a hairband.

9.Lil Bub 2015 Calendar

$13.99 at Urban Outfitters

Forget hot guys or cute puppies—this calendar of Lil Bub is way more uplifting.

What are you waiting for? Invite your friends, make a few healthy Christmas snacks and exchange some hilarious gifts! For the rest of your gifting needs, don’t forget to check out Her Campus’s holiday gift guide.

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