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4 Goal-Tracking Apps You Need for Your New Year’s Resolution


A new year is just around the corner, which means resolutions, resolutions, resolutions. We all say we’re going to work out more, be more understanding or learn how to do that thing we’ve always wanted to do (for real this year!), but how many of us actually keep up with our resolutions?

Resolutions are great but often seem unrealistic with our busy schedules. What better way to keep track of our goals than with an app? We’ve put together a list of five goal-tracking apps you need to download. Set your goals and stick with them, collegiettes!

1. Way of Life

  • Price: Free
  • Compatible with: Apple devices
  • For: Your resolution to get fit or quit smoking

Way of Life is a great app if you want to break bad habits and create better ones. It allows you to keep track of what you’re doing each day (going to the gym, drinking enough water, etc.) so you can see your progress. If you stray from your goal, the app will give you a red bar instead of green. Seeing these colors will help motivate you to quit your bad habits. You can also see trends over monthlong and even yearlong periods, which will help you analyze what you need to work on.

2. The Habit Factor

  • Price: $6.99 for Apple devices; $4.99 for Android devices
  • Compatible with: Apple and Android devices
  • For: Your resolution to run a marathon

The Habit Factor is ideal for someone who has big goals, but wants to start with smaller ones. Do you want to run a marathon, but need to start by going for a jog a few times a week? The Habit Factor allows you to create goals as well as habits (that can coincide with your goals) and keep track of your progress.

The Habit Factor is also a book made by the same company that explains what habits are and reveals the step-by-step process for achieving your goals. The Habit Factor is based on philosophy and is sure to help you not only track your habits, but achieve your dreams.

3. Goal Streaks

  • Price: $4.99
  • Compatible with: Apple devices
  • For: Your resolution to keep a journal

Goal Streaks is an app that focuses on creating long streaks of a behavior, which will ultimately turn into a habit. You can set goals and a regular activity that coincides with each. For example, if you want to keep a journal, your regular activity could be to spend 30 minutes writing each day. You can go at the pace you’d like and set reminders if you’re likely to forget.

This app is perfect for people who are competitive; you’re trying to beat your own streak! Going to the gym daily would be a good goal to track on this app. Reward yourself with some new gear if you beat your streak!

4. Habit List

  • Price: $2.99
  • Compatible with: Apple devices
  • For: Your resolution to meditate

Habit List is an awesome app that combines various methods to help you achieve your goals. The app allows you to create a list of habits you want to complete with different schedules for each: specific days, non-specific days or intervals. The app keeps track of your streaks, shows you your progress for the day (in a percentage) and shows you how many habits you have left to complete for the day. You can also set reminders and view your trends over longer periods of time.

This app will prevent you from getting overwhelmed because it only shows you the habits you need to complete that day, with the first ones appearing at the top of your list. You can mark your habits as skip, miss, or complete so you can accurately and clearly view your progress.

One of these apps is sure to work well with your New Year’s resolution. Figure out which method works best with your schedule and personality, and keep track of your goals accordingly. You’ll be able to stay on top of your resolutions with these awesome apps you can use wherever you are. Happy New Year, and good luck!

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