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A Pep Talk for Pre-Meds, as Told by 'Grey's Anatomy'


Everyone has doubts about being pre-med. With four years to prepare yourself for medical school, four years of medical school and even more years of residency, you might be feeling like you want to crawl in a hole (more realistically, your bed with Chinese takeout). But when in doubt, look no further than your extremely realistic, always reliable vision into your own future: Grey's Anatomy.

Slaving through chemistry is hard work...

...and you're not even close to being done with your tough biology classes.

Don't even let us get you started on thinking about those med school applications.

But guess what? Things might look up!

You might look really good in those scrubs.

And you might find that special someone...

...who will eat with you...

...and dance with you...

...and always be on your team.

And after you're done with your grueling shift...

...at least you can unwind with some great local nightlife.

You might just fall in love with a pretty attractive patient.

Now that you mention it, nobody here looks like they haven't slept in 48 hours...

...even though they definitely haven't.

Oh, but we did we mention your coworkers?

You may not be understanding. Your coworkers.

Everyone here looks like their scrubs were made by Marc Jacobs and their hair was done by Kim K's stylist.

And when times are tough, your doctor friends always have a solution.

And, even better, your brain matters more than your hairstyle at work.

So even when your classes and commitments feel impossible and competitive...

...and you feel like you can't go on...

...know that things will get better!

And, if all else fails, you can always have a backup plan.

We're sure you'll love actually being a doctor, too, but these small incentives can't help but make you push a little harder during midterms and finals.

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