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These Celebs Made Major Hair Transformations This Year


This year was the year of chameleon hair. Beyoncé alone made so many changes to her locks she probably could have filled our entire list, but there were too many candy-colored dye jobs and crazy cuts—we just had to gather them all. Below, our favorite celeb hair transformations of 2014—for your viewing pleasure... and inspiration purposes should you ever want hair color that would make even the rainbow jealous.

1. Nicole Richie

The mom/uber chic designer turned heads when she gave her locks the chop. If that wasn't enough, she practically had us falling out of our seats when she turned up on her Instagram with a cool, lavender shade. These unicorn-like waves are so gorgeous, we secretly want to follow suit.

2. Katy Perry

The popstar is no stranger to loud beauty trends, and though we did a double take when she graced the cover of Cosmo with electric green locks, we definitely weren't surprised! Plus, if anybody can pull this color off, it's Katy.

3. Lauren Conrad

It's the end of an era: Lauren looks great, but we will forever mourn that signature braid! LC took to Instagram—of course—to debut her short (and then shorter!) hair. Once we got over the initial shock, we were pleasantly surprised, and this made us all want to schedule appointments with our own stylists, stat.

4. Zosia Mamet

The Girls star took her platinum ‘do to cool new heights and gave herself a “granny chic” look. Who knew gray could look so good? All we're wondering now is what crazy-good hairstyles Shosh is going to be rocking with this cut and color.

5. Sarah Hyland

You probably know Sarah for being the adorable brunette from Modern Family. She recently surprised fans with a new blonde look on her Instagram.

6. Kylie Jenner

This young beauty chameleon has rocked the Insta-world with her every move. Lush lashes? She's got 'em. Plumped lips? Done. Turquoise tips? We want 'em. (Um, that'll cost just a cool $250...)

7. Beyoncé

The woman, the myth, the legend, there is little Bey can do without making headlines. Including debuting a new look. There were mixed reactions to Beyoncé’s bitty bangs, but you know what, Queen Bey? You do you.

8. Elle Fanning

Dakota’s little sis has been taking the movie world by storm from her roles in Super 8 to Malificent. We know we aren’t the only ones who did a double take when the starlet debuted a mature brunette lob at the Boxtrolls premiere.

9. Demi Lovato

The songstress debuted over three different hair styles on her Twitter and Instagram accounts this year, from blue to purple and, yes, shaved with pink ends. Work it, Demi!

10. Anna Paquin

When the True Blood star asked her husband how he felt about her new look he (adorably) answered, “Wow wife... You look amazing.” Her ethereal looks make us want try out a “mermaid” look too!

Which celebrity hair transformation is your favorite, collegiettes? Would you try any of these wild looks?

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