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13 Signs You Miss Your Dog More Than You Miss Your Family


Heading home for break? We know exactly who you're excited to see and who's excited to see you. Your dog has been waiting for a very long time to snuggle with you and love you eternally. Forget diamonds! Dogs are a girl's best friend, and you're so ready to get home and see your bestie for the restie. 

1. It's finals week, but you can hardly concentrate because you want to get home to see your dog. 

Because your dog knows that Cs get degrees, and he will not judge you for it. 

2. When you Skype with your parents, you always ask to see your dog first. 

Although you're constantly wondering if seeing you on a screen is sending her mixed signals about your whereabouts. 

3. And you talk to her like she can talk back.

"How's my baby? Are you being good?"

3. You follow more dogs on Instagram than you do humans.

They remind you what you have waiting for you at home. 

4. You weep happy tears whenever you see a puppy because you automatically miss your dog.

"You have a Golden? My dog is a Golden," you say as you ignore all personal boundaries and start cuddling with someone else's dog. 

5. When people ask if you're excited for break, your first response is, "Yes; I get to see my dog."

No judgment. 

6. Because you know that cuddle time is happy time.

Dogs are like living pillows, and that is a fact. 

7. Forget Mom and Dad; if you're bringing your SO home, your dog's reaction is what really matters.

May the odds be ever in his favor. 

8. Holiday shopping means trying to find the perfect presents... for your dog. 

Will she wear ever snow booties?

9. You have a list of things you're going to do with your dog when you get home.

You can do it all now that you're home.

10. You relate to your dog on a deeply personal level. 

He just gets you. 

11. You can't wait for all of the doggy kisses. 

The best kind of kisses, TBH. 

12. You've begged your parents to let you bring your dog back to school with you. 

But they love your dog as much as you do, so the answer is probably no. 

13. You know that no matter what, home is where the dog is. 

So finish up strong so you can go cuddle your furry, four-legged friends, ladies! 

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