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Proof that Your Wardrobe Doubles as Dorm Décor


Dorm décor can be tricky. With the restrictions that many dorms enforce and the often bland color palettes, it’s difficult to find ways to make your room pop. And if you’re like us, the haul of clothes you bring with you each semester makes those tiny closets seem even smaller. So, when you head back to your dorm after winter break, why not display your chicest threads to dress up your room? We’ve compiled some of our favorite ideas below for you to try out!

1. Make more room for your clothes

Ever think about extending your closet space into your bedroom? You don’t even need to put nails in the walls for this one. Just get a cute rod and two Command hooks to attach to the wall. Voilà! Your very own DIY clothing rack. This saves floor space that a rolling rack would take up, and you can add details like twinkle lights to make it look absolutely whimsical.

2. Repurpose photo frames

Your well-meaning aunts and high school friends will no doubt be gifting an abundance of picture frames this holiday season. Why not use them to display your favorite jewelry? Take out the glass and replace it with wire mesh to keep your earrings in, stick small hooks to the face of the frame to hang necklaces and bracelets from or if you want to keep photos in the frame, hang your baubles from the corners.

3. Display your scarves

Since you'll definitely be needing plenty of cozy scarves during these chilly months, keep them easily accessible while showing off your impeccable style. Hang a wire hanger from your wall and loop your scarves around it—you can even switch up the order of the colors to keep the décor in your room looking fresh! 

4. Hang your heels up

Who knew that a ladder could easily display your accessories in a fashionable and fun way? Prop it up against an empty wall, and it becomes the perfect place to hang everything from scarves to heels!

5. Use chic hangers

Not all hangers are created equal! If you have blank wall space in your room, you can buy adorable hangers, like these cloud ones (find similarly cute ones from Dormify for just $20!) and hang them on hooks or knobs. Organize your outfits for the upcoming week on these hangers so you don’t have to think about what to wear when you get up late and only have minutes to get ready for class.

6. Show off your favorite shoes

An empty bookcase + a standout shoe collection = a great way to display your favorite kicks! This one is pretty self-explanatory. Instead of just throwing all your shoes in the floor of your likely already-cluttered closet, this will have all your roomies begging to borrow them!

7. Take inspiration from top designers

You may think only clothing designers need dressmaker busts, but you can invest in one to show off your favorite party dress—you know, the one you love but don't have enough of an opportunity to wear. Simple and decorative!

8. Do some DIY

This DIY display was meant for jewelry, but we love the idea of hanging purses from it, too. You’ll need a wood panel that you can attach hooks to. Paint it in your favorite color and stand it up against the wall so your purses will be organized and easy to find!

What fun ways have you decorated your dorm rooms, collegiettes? 

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