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19 Signs You Go to College in Pennsylvania


Whether you’re in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia or somewhere in between, Pennsylvania is an awesome state to go to college in. Who can deny the greatness that is the state of liberty and independence?

Since we’ve already told you what it’s like to go to college in the South and in New England, it’s time to take small glimpse of what it’s like to go to college in the amazing state of Pennsylvania.

1. You’re very familiar with the great “Wawa vs. Sheetz” debate.

The perfect late-night study break, a trip to Wawa or Sheetz will happen at least once during your college career. Not only do you have a favorite of the two, but you embrace whichever place you support wholeheartedly. It’s a Pennsylvanian’s version of *NSYNC vs. the Backstreet Boys.

2. Attending the Pennsylvania Farm Show is one of the highlights of your year.

Don’t deny it – you and your roommates have totally taken selfies with all of the cute cows.

3. Turkey Hill products make your world go round.

Pass the iced tea and Phillies Graham Slam ice cream! The dining hall always has Turkey Hill items in stock.

4.You’ve been “Hershey Park Happy” at least once.

Since you’ve never truly lived until you’ve been to Chocolate World.

5. An authentic Philly cheesesteak is only a short distance away.

Your options are limitless: Pat’s, Geno’s, Jim’s and everywhere in between. This is the perfect way to ask out your campus crush, since what guy doesn’t want to eat an authentic Philly cheesesteak?

6. You know that a soft pretzel eaten in any other part of the country is nothing compared to soft pretzels from the Philly Pretzel Factory, since you’ve indulged in several right before an exam.

Pass the mustard, please!

7. Not only do you enjoy froyo and ice cream, but you also love the delicious frozen heaven known as water ice.

So many flavors to choose from, and it never gets old. You know you can always get water ice at every tailgate and big function.

8. Little Debbie snacks have nothing on Tastykakes.


A Tastykake is the perfect treat for all of your pre-finals mental breakdowns.

9. You prefer Herr’s potato chips over Lay’s any day.

Because who doesn’t love the crunchy potato goodness that is Herr’s?

10. You’ve been to the Philadelphia Zoo and adored all of the cute animals.

It’s the first public zoo in the USA, filled with adorable animals and nature. How much better can it get? Be sure to check it out during fall break if you haven’t been there already.

11. You’ve taken your fair share of photos with the Liberty Bell and the LOVE statue when you find yourself in Philadelphia.

These landmarks look even better in Valencia, so prepare to take the best photos ever for Insta.

12. You know not to set up an Eagles fan with a Steelers fan, unless you’re asking for drama.

Even though the Eagles defeated the Steelers in the third pre-season game, but who’s counting?

13. The same goes for fans of the Phillies and the Pirates.

The Philly Phanatic and the Pirate Parrot aren’t exactly besties.

14. When someone says they’re from Lancaster Country, you don’t really know where they’re from, since you’ve lived here long enough to know that there are SO many different places where they could actually live. The possibilities are endless.

Ephrata? Lititz? Millersville? Quarryville? You’ll never know until you ask, which can lead to a whole new conversation. Forget explaining this to your out-of-state friends.

15. When you go home for Thanksgiving or Christmas break, people ask you if you’ve seen any of the cast members from Breaking Amish or Amish Mafia.

Yes, because every Amish person who has ever existed has been on your campus.

16. You’ve been asked for help pronouncing the Schuylkill River.

Even though you still might not know how to say it.

17. “Shoofly” has an entirely different meaning for you.

Who’s making pie in the lounge?!

18. You’re well aware of the capital of Pennsylvania.

No, it’s not Philadelphia; it’s Harrisburg, and you can’t leave there without stopping at Midtown Scholar.

19. No matter what anyone else has said about Pennsylvania, you still stay true to the state that has stood by you.

Cheers to the red, blue and gold! 

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