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The Ultimate Upgrade to Emojis is Finally Here


Tired of sending the same old emojis? Let’s be honest: You can only send the heart-eyed smiley, the thumbs-up sign and the snowman so many times this season before you start to seem like you’re texting on repeat. If you’ve ever thought that you wanted more from your emojis and wished for more to choose from (admit it – we all have), we have good news: The wait is over!

Meet the next evolution of emojis: virtual gifts! Lots of social media sites have virtual gifts, but we love the ones on the Skout social app. Unlike emojis, Skout’s gifts don’t ever get dull. From a bowl of ramen to an adorable puppy, your gifting options are endless! There’s even a set of holiday gifts you can pick from to spread cheer and merriment this season! Whatever the occasion may be —wishing someone a happy birthday, celebrating Christmas, cheering someone up, or just because, this feature has you covered. Say goodbye to stiff, generic smiley faces. Check out these awesome alternatives, and get ready to send some to your friends ASAP (you know you’ll want to)!


If there’s one thing two people who’ve recently met are likely to have in common, it’s food. All foodies of the world are clearly meant to be friends, so share your love of it with someone by sending him or her this seriously delicious-looking bowl of ramen.

Bouquet of Tulips

If you’ve just learned that one of your friends got the internship she interviewed for, or just rocked an exam, what better way to congratulate her than with a pretty bouquet of flowers? She’ll totally appreciate the gesture, and we’re sure she’ll return the favor when you need it most! This totally beats those boring old pink heart emojis (sorry not sorry).


If one of your friends is having a crummy day, send her the cute puppy! Because everyone knows puppies are the best – even better than boyfriends, obviously. Its floppy ears and big, heart-melting eyes are bound to cheer anyone up, or make a great day even better.

Mai Tai

Winter is here, and that basically means we’d love to be anywhere else. Whether you’re dreaming of someplace warm or pumping up your friend for a big weekend out, you absolutely have to send a tropical Mai Tai.

Bubble Tea

Want a beverage that’s a bit more down-to-earth? This bubble tea is our absolute favorite – a major upgrade to our messages! Playful, yummy and just plain pretty, we’re completely obsessed. Honestly, there’s no one right time to send a bubble tea virtual gift, because every time is the right time.

Soccer Goal

Infinitely better than any single soccer ball! Give your friends the gift of a goal. Seriously, do you even need to be sporty to appreciate this one? We say nope – it’s the gift that screams, “Success!”


Think you can handle these major upgrades to emojis? Use the virtual gifts yourself! Download the iPhone and Android-compatible Skout app if you haven’t already and get gifting!

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