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17 Things We REALLY Want for Christmas This Year


Though the real joy of the holidays comes from giving rather than receiving, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t look forward to opening those gifts left for us under the Christmas tree every year. Sweaters and gift cards are always a hit, but here are a few gifts we really wouldn’t mind getting from Santa this Christmas.

1. A daily morning coffee delivery from our own personal Starbucks barista.

2. An instant hangover cure.

3. A pair of jeans that fits perfectly even when we’re bloated.

4. An extra five hours of sleep every night.

5. A day in the week dedicated solely to catching up on our television shows.

6. A pair of sweatpants that is both flattering and comfy.

7. Roommates who never eat our food.

8. A fail-proof study system.

9. A decoder for confusing text messages.

10. A fitness class that burns calories but doesn’t make us feel completely inept.

11. An RA who doesn’t care how much noise we make in our rooms.

12. Fat-free, sugar-free froyo that still tastes delicious.

13. A mattress pad that actually makes our twin beds comfortable.

14. A pair of heels that never hurts no matter how long we wear it.

15. A reusable pass for paper extensions.

16. A drink that can keep us caffeinated for an entire day.

17. A satisfying, uncomplicated, exclusive relationship.

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