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The Best Moments in Victoria's Secret Fashion Show History


In case you missed it, the 18th Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was held in London on Tuesday night—and we’re already dying over what we’ve been able to glimpse from the post-show instagrams of the VS Angels. (All the Angels flying to London together on a private plane? Swoon.) For those of us who didn’t catch it live in London, we’re finally going to get to see the whole thing when it airs on December 9. Can’t wait until then? We’ve rounded up the best moments in Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show history—from performances, to iconic Angel moments, and everything in between—so keep scrolling!

1. Gisele Bundchen’s $12.5 million Fantasy bra

Wearing the “Fantasy Bra” (a bra and matching panty set that is decked out in millions of dollars worth of gemstones) has been an honor given to different iconic VS Angels in the show since 2001. In 2005, VS took the sparkle madness to the ultimate level when Gisele donned this sexy Santa look—including a bra covered in $12.5 dollars in diamonds! It’s been the priciest one yet—and we love the festive touch this look has.

2. PINK’s debut

It’s hard to imagine a time without PINK, but in 2006, VS debuted their then-brand-new line for the first time on the runway. There was plenty of glitter, pink (obviously), and Miranda Kerr with a super fab PINK megaphone. Need we say more?

3. Spice Girls reunion

At the 2007 show, the ultimate reunion-of-all-reunions happened when the Spice Girls performed to kick off their comeback tour. Scary, Sporty, Baby, Ginger and Posh looked fab as ever in their 1930’s-esque looks—it’s pretty safe to say VS and these '90s girl-power icons were a match made in heaven.

4. VS Angels make the Hollywood Walk of Fame

It’s pretty clear 2007 was a major year for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show—the day before the show, the VS Angels got their own spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Naturally, all the Angels showed up dressed in matching shimmery gold jackets—proof they still shine even off the runway.

5. Kanye West’s performance of ‘Stronger’ as a tribute to his mother

After having to cancel his performance at the 2007 show due to the death of his mother, Kanye’s 2011 performance at the show made for a major ‘AWW!’ moment when he dedicated it to his mother who had died four years earlier, calling her his own “super-angel.” It didn’t hurt that Kanye’s classic pump-up anthem “Stronger” was a totally spot-on choice for the colorful “Super Angels” themed section, either.

6. Cara’s antics

Cara Delevingne never fails to crack us up, but her hilarious antics at the 2013 show still get us every time. Case in point? Busting her hilarious dance moves at the end of the show.

7. The VS (Snow) Angels

We're still obsessed with the “Snow Angels” theme from last year’s show, where the models took to the runway in jaw-dropping elegant white snow angel looks, covered in silver glitter and white lace. The glittery falling snow and Taylor Swift (who basically looked like a VS Angel herself), killing it with “I Knew You Were Trouble,” only made us fangirl even harder. Not to mention, we kind of want in on the Taylor-Karlie BFF-ship.

8. Hit by an Angel

We already can't wait to see what this year's show has in store for us... especially with this Ariana Grande vs. Angel moment to look forward to. Dare we ask you to caption this photo, collegiettes?

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