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How to Look Like a Victoria's Secret Angel


The Victoria's Secret fashion show took London last night, and we can't wait for it to air on December 9! In the meantime, we'll just dream of our future careers as Angels... and try to figure out how to get the look. And by that, we mean, figure out how to achieve perfection. How does one become so wonderfully bronzed and toned?! Well, here in the Beauty School Blog, we have some tips and tricks to help you achieve that runway-ready Victoria's Secret Angel look! While we've got you covered on all things beauty, full disclaimer: The following post does not help in the fitness department... that one is up to you, collegiettes.

Bright and beautiful

The VS Angels make looking beautiful extremely easy and effortless. We  know how difficult it is feign perfection, but you might just come pretty close with the how-to below. Here's how to achieve the Angel no-makeup makeup, aka bronzed goddess, look:

  1. Prep and prime your face with moisturizer and a mattifying primer.
  2. Use a radiant foundation or tinted moisturizer (NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 - $42 for regular size, $16 for travel size) and make sure to conceal any blemishes.
  3. Instead of your regular highlighter, opt for a gold-toned highlighter (Benefit Sun Beam, $26.) Blend it up into your temples and top of your cheekbones.
  4. Use a rosy pink blush and apply it to the apples of your cheek. For ultimate cheek lift, pull the color up towards the temples.
  5. Apply a bronzing powder to the jawline, under your cheekbones, and to your forehead. Check out NARS Blush/Bronzer Duo ($42 for regular size, $24 for travel size). The duo comes with Orgasm, a peachy-pink shimmer, and Laguna, a light brown shimmer.
  6. Use an eye primer to help keep the eyeshadow in place.
  7. Use a light gold eyeshadow on your lids, a shimmery pearl color in the inner corner of your eyes, and a matte light nude color onto your brow bones. Smashbox Fusion Soft Lights ($30) has an array of shimmery colors that can be used for eyes, cheeks or as bronzer.
  8. Tightline your eyes starting from the inner corner and extend it outwards for a slight cat-eye wing.
  9. Start off with lengthing mascara and then finish up with a volumizing mascara to get enviable lashes.
  10. Finish off your whole entire look with a pink and natural lip color (Tarte Lipsurgence Lip Tint in Grateful, $24.)

Now if we could only perfect this look in under 5 minutes...

Dreamy waves

Is there any possible way to just wake up with ready-to-go hair? Let us know if you ever find the almighty solution. In the meantime, we will have to resort to countless products and hair styling tools to achieve hair worthy of an Angel (but we promise, it's not as hard as it sounds!).

  1. Make sure to start off with clean hair.
  2. Use a volumizing mouse (Nexxus Mousse Plus Superior Hold Volumizing Foam, $9.59) and a finishing spray (Bumble and bumble Thickening Dryspun Finish, $16) on your towel-dried hair.
  3. Section parts of your hair and use a large round bristle brush and a blowdrier to dry each section.
  4. Pin up each section with large velcro rollers to contain the volume and help shape the curls as your continue with the rest of your hair.
  5. Starting with the back, use a large curling iron or wand to create those curls. Make sure to curl away from your face.
  6. Finish off your style with a light hairspray (DevaCurl Flexible-Hold Hair Spray, $24.95.)
  7. Enjoy beautiful waves and be #Flawless.

To bronze or not to bronze

Definitely bronze, like... everywhere. The VS Angels are known for being impeccably tan. Self-tanners are great, until you get streaky. Tanning booths aren't the best for your skin. So what's a collegiette to do if she wants to fake a tan... especially in the dead of winter? Body bronzer is your answer. Try out Too Faced Royal Oil Coconut Oil Body Bronzer ($31.50) for the perfect warm glow (the oil is also packed with anti-oxidants to help protect and nourish your skin!). But if you're looking to look luminous without the deep color, give Philosophy Amazing Grace Satin-Finish Body Oil Mist ($26) a try for a colorless and fragrant light glow.

Now, all we need are those wings...

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