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7 Reasons Why Winter is the Absolute Worst


As that cool winter breeze makes its way in and pushes out the crisp autumn air, only one thought comes to mind: Winter sucks. Sure, there are the perks of Christmas, snow and pumpkin spice/peppermint lattes galore. But other than that, it’s a never-ending cycle of being cold, attempting to get warm and being cold again. Here's why winter is the absolute worst.

1. It’s cold.

This may seem pretty obvious, but we often forget what cold is really like until it’s the middle of December and we’re on our way to class, questioning whether or not our toes are entering the early stages of hypothermia.

2. After New Year's, there's nothing to look forward to.

There’s no denying it: Winter is definitely a top contender for the best holidays. But they come and go, we get our presents, we drink our champagne - and then we go back to being absolutely miserable until spring rolls around.

3. No one looks cute in a winter coat.

Legitimately no one. Walking around in a coat that makes you look like the Michelin Man cannot be fixed by a cute scarf or a trendy hat. Our bodies have zero shape, and we look like a bunch of marshmallows waddling down the street. Warmth > beauty.

4. Ice.

For those of us who weren't gifted with good coordination, winter is essentially our worst enemy. Black ice is like a shady little trickster who's personally out to ruin your day. You thought you were safe, didn’t you? You weren’t. Butt, meet ground. Enjoy slipping and sliding your whole way to class.

5. Slush.

You thought ice was bad?! LOL. Slush is equally as slippery, but it gets you absolutely soaked with dirty, melting snow that’s probably filled with gravel and who knows what else. Winter weather overall is just the bane of our existence.

6. Trying to stay warm is next to impossible.

Heat is expensive, and most of us do not have the luxury of footing the bill to keep the house above 70 degrees all winter. Instead, we wander around our apartments in full outside gear, pretending there’s nothing weird about making Easy Mac in a winter coat and gloves. Not to mention, any time we’re driving somewhere, it somehow takes the same exact amount of time to get to our destination as it does for our car to finally heat up. How convenient...

7. Hello, being pale for four-plus months.

Fall still allows us to hold on to those last few days of summer with our fading, sun-kissed skin. But come winter, it’s Casper the Friendly Ghost 24/7. Unless you go tanning or are lucky enough to not be confined to the artic tundra that is most of the world during winter, you just have to accept that for several months you’re going to be so pale that you’re essentially translucent.


Winter isn’t all bad, though. It definitely has its perks, like being cuddled up on the couch drinking hot chocolate and listening to holiday music. But aside from those few moments of relishing in the beauty of the season, winter is a relentless beast that comes out of its cave every year just to torment us.

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