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18 Thoughts Girls Have During Finals, as Told by Leslie Knope


It's the most terrible time of the year. Finals are in full swing, and so is the feeling that you're probably going to die before you make it through the end of the semester. You're spending more time at the library than in your dorm, surviving on black coffee and pizza (delivered to said library) and daydreaming of winter break, when this hell will be over with. Or, more importantly, your bed at home. The horrendous ordeal that is finals week comes with a range of emotions, and Leslie Knope is here to help us express them.

1. Off to the library! I'm so ready to study. Psh, this final isn't going to be that bad. 

2. *Looking at the study guide* Okay, so I definitely should have paid way more attention in lecture instead of checking social media. Curse you, Yik Yak!

3. There's no way I can memorize all of this before my exam. Why did I wait until the day before my exam to study? ProcrastiNATION, population me.

4. What does this term mean? When did we learn this?

5. I've never heard of this before in my life. 

6. I have no choice but to study incessantly until my exam. Great!

7. I hate this library. I hate this class. I hate everything. LET ME GO HOME.

8. Is it hot in here, or is it just me? Why am I shaking? What do you mean, that was my fifth cup of black coffee?!

9. I have to pee so badly, but I can't give up my spot. I'm next to an outlet, for crying out loud! That is library gold!

10. I need a break. Or a hug. Or five puppies to comfort me. Mom, can you come get me? I guess a phone call will suffice...

11. Okay, I have to get back to work. It's too bad I know absolutely nothing on this study guide or any study guide or anything in the world ever. Someone help.

12. OMG. The greasy, unhealthy comfort food I ordered is finally here!

13. Okay, that was probably the best meal I've had in my entire life, but my test is in an hour and a half. Time to cram.


15. I. Am. Not. Ready.

16. Alright, get yourself together. Deep breaths. I can do this! Well, I can at least try to do this.

17. *One stressful hour later* I did it! It's over! That wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be!

18. I am outta here. Break filled with binge-watching Netflix and snuggling my cat, here I come!

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