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Your Ultimate Finals Week Style Guide


Alas, finals week is fast approaching. Happy collegiette populations everywhere will soon be replaced by panicked masses of sweatpants-clad library goers, attempting fruitlessly to do a term’s worth of reading in a single night. During finals season, the last thing you want to do is figure out what to wear, so we’ve created a handy guide with all your exam-taking wardrobe essentials, so you don't have to do the work yourself... if only someone could say that for your 10-page essay.

1. Zipper Raglan Sweatshirt Dress, $29.99

Yes, you read that correctly: Sweatshirt. Dress. We didn’t think sweatshirts could get any better, but getting to wear one without even putting on pants takes comfort to the next level.

2. U|R Stella Textured Knit Tech Earmuffs, $35

Keep your ears warm and your music bumpin’.

3. Sole Society Irma Sunglasses, $29.95

These frames perfectly hide the bags under your eyes as you're trekking through campus. Throw these on* after an all-nighter and you’ll look as good as a hungover celebrity. (*Actual sunlight not required.)

4. Windsor Ivory Faceted Stone Flower Beanie, $12.90

Let’s be honest: There will be at least one day this week that you’ll skip washing your hair. When the inevitable happens, shove your dirty mane under this adorable winter beanie, and no one will be the wiser.

5. ASOS Chunky Infinity Scarf, $30.32

This delicious knit scarf will keep you cozy on your walk from your dorm room to the library. And when you’re tired of studying? Pull it down over your shoulders into a sort of amazing, knit burrito that you can nap in.

6. LA Hearts Sweater Leggings, $22.95

There is a time for real pants. Finals week is not that time.

Finals week goals:

1. Stay warm and cozy.
2. Pass classes.

We can’t promise #2, but with our finals week style guide, we’ll guarantee you’ll achieve #1. Good luck, collegiettes!


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