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The 15 Most Unfortunate Things That Happen In College


As fun as college is, it definitely comes with its fair share of moments that we would prefer to forget. Check out our 15 unfortunate and uncomfortable encounters to see if you can relate. 

1. Realizing you sent a text to your manager/group project partner/grandmother after having one too many the night before.

2. When the random you had a drunken heart-to-heart with last weekend says hello to you on campus.

3. When your latest fling doesn’t immediately acknowledge you when you see him out.

4. Attending an on-campus event and realizing there isn't any free food. 

5. Seeing one of your professors in real life.

6. When your ex tries to strike up a casual conversation.

7. When someone at a party is wearing the same shirt as you.

8. Getting stuck standing next to the couple making out at the bar.

9. Leaving the bar or party solo.

10. Finding out your account balance after a long night out.

11. When you ask your professor to clarify something and he insists on maintaining eye contact with you for the entirety of his explanation.

12. Running into your estranged former roommate in public.

13. Accidently sending a text talking about someone to the person you are talking about.

14. When the bartender greets you with “Really? You again?!” upon entering the bar.

15. Spotting your crush with another girl.

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