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The 5 Friends Every Girl Needs After a Breakup


Your relationship just ended and the only thing you feel up for is a sob fest, watching a chick flick and stuffing your face. Sadly, there’s no magic way to get over an ex instantly, but we all have some pretty great friends to get us on the road back to singlehood. Here are a few friends you need after a breakup!

1. The Friend Who Has Been There  

All of your friends feel for you and care about you, but sometimes you just need the reassurance that someone else has been there and knows exactly what you’re going through.  This friend has had a bad breakup, has made the recovery and even has some experience in recognizing what helped her get back on her feet. You saw her when she wore sweats for a couple of weeks, but you also know that she’s looking better than ever now.  She’ll empathize with all the sad details and exchange relationship horror stories to soothe your pain.  After a good chat with her, it’ll be easier to see that you aren’t alone!

2. The Best-Case-Scenario Friend

There is a 90 percent chance that this girl is called ditzy on a semi-regular basis, but who has ever heard of a better support system than a hypothetical bad fortuneteller for an ex-boyfriend?

“He’s probably sitting there regretting everything he did wrong,” she reassures you enthusiastically. “He probably hasn’t even looked at another girl.”

So maybe she doesn’t have a clue about the whereabouts of your ex, but her intricate storytelling skills are leading you to believe that she’s pretty damn sure of what she’s talking about. You can’t help but believe her, and you find yourself enthusiastically agreeing and picturing him being miserable without you. But that’s not all! This friend is also the psychic for your life, and according to her, something great is going to happen to you… soon!

3. The “Tells-it-Like-it-is” Friend  

Remember when the women of Sex and The City went through breakups (hard to miss—there were so many!)? Well, everyone needs a friend like Samantha.

She’s a bit over the top and she pulls off the most impractical outfits when you go out. It’s likely that she has never not had the upper hand in a relationship, and her confidence is unwavering, but that’s what makes her so believable. Sometimes she’s a bit too honest when it comes to giving you advice in these situations, but she’s like your big sister, and she tells it like it is. She’ll be the one to tell you point blank that you need to stop moping and move on with your life. In the end, her witty remarks about your ex and how you don’t need him will have you laughing and considering career options away from Professional Couch Potato.

4. The Life Coach

A couple of days have passed since your breakup, and you’re starting to show the carb overload on your newly single body. That’s when you know it’s time to enlist The Life Coach friend.

She’s the closest thing to a hippie on your college campus, and all her life mottos revolve around a healthy lifestyle and inner peace.  She’s always asking you to accompany her to the gym or a newly discovered thrift store.

When you’re going through a crisis, she kindly suggests some ways to get your life back on track, and somehow you listen to her, because, truthfully, she has always been the most put-together one of your friends.

Whether she’s offering an unpaid therapy session, suggesting that you skip the Big Mac and fries for a healthier option or even attempting to get you off the couch to go for a hike or a walk around campus, she’s determined that you start the healing process in stride.

5. The Partier Friend

This friend is always ready for a party. After your breakup, she probably didn’t waste any time trying to set you up or take you so you can meet guys.  Her solution to everything is to let loose and have fun, and it’s about time you tried that again.  Besides, your Life Coach has just gotten you back in the health game, and once you’ve gotten off the couch a couple times, this friend will really get you to start appreciating the single life.

She has the best style and loves lending her clothes to you for a night out. Don’t worry about planning anything, because she will get the gang together, find you the perfect outfit and the hottest party and even point out some hotties there who are definitely better than what’s-his-name.  If you’re at the beginning stages of your breakup, you may not see the light at the end of the tunnel, but dating will seem appealing again eventually.  When you do see the light, this friend will be waiting to set you up, double date with you and scope out new prospects.


Exes may be a thing of the past, but your girl friends are forever. Hang out with these five friends instead of Ben & Jerry and you’ll feel better in no time!

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