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Bellashoot: The App of Every Beauty Enthusiast's Dreams


Fellow collegiettes and lovers of all things beauty, we may have just found the perfect app for you. It's called Bellashoot, and it's just been ranked one of the best new apps in the iTunes Lifestyle section. And we could not agree more!

If you're a beauty fanatic in the same way we are, you may frequently find yourself with an infinite amount of tabs dedicated to beauty open in your browser—a YouTube makeup tutorial, Twitter, a makeup artist's Instagram, Facebook, the beauty section on Pinterest—the list goes on and on.

Now imagine a place where you have access to all of your beauty-loving and social-networking needs. You're in for a treat, because that place finally exists.

Bellashoot is all of that in one. You may have heard of their website, which functions very similarly to Pinterest—except it's all things makeup, hair and nails. But now, Bellashoot is bringing that experience to the palm of your hand. Your tutorials, product reviews, beauty tips and inspiration looks are a one-stop, touch-of-a-finger deal now.

The app, available on iTunes for iPhone and iPad, allows you to sign in with either your Facebook, Twitter or GooglePlus account. There is also the option of making your own Bellashoot account and connecting it to your social media accounts.

I downloaded the app myself, and I have to say that it may just be the greatest thing to exist, ever. I began by creating my very own profile as a 'Beauty Enthusiast' (you can choose from beauty enthusiast, professional, brand or writer/blogger/vlogger.)

I had access to all of the things I would normally have all those tabs open for. The interface took me little to no time to understand, because it's really clean-looking and organized. I had instant, readable access to everything I could possibly be looking for. Apps with as much content as this one can often be really complicated, but this is by far is the simplest and easiest to get used to.

In short: no hassle and quick access. 

There are a wide array of categories to filter through—anything from bath & body to fragrances. There's even an 'Inner Beauty' category, which filters posts with tips on self confidence and inspiring quotes, and I think that's just as fabulous.

If you've ever had trouble finding that beauty tutorial you watched once on YouTube and need it now, the app makes it super easy to like and save posts you can always return to when you decide to try out those looks.

I also really like how you can also network and connect with other enthusiasts or professionals out there. You can follow other accounts and leave comments. It isn't an app that strictly feeds you information, but it allows you to become involved. It is not only limited to beauty professionals, but lovers of beauty in general. Bonding over makeup just may be the strongest type of love.

In addition, the built-in camera allows you to share your own looks and tips as well! So if you're looking to build your own platform, this may be a great place to start.

“Bellashoot's mission is to innovate and simplify the way women stay on top of the latest in beauty as she goes through her daily life,” Bellashoot's co-founder, Saje Sandhu says. “We see this social application as a necessary component to every women's beauty vanity and the first place she'll go to be inspired, learn about projects, ask questions and play with various beauty techniques. We are helping women experience beauty in a better way.”

I don't know about you, but I'm in love. This app will certainly be my go-to place for all things beauty!

Oh, and did we mention it's free? The beauty gods must be smiling upon us.

Have you tried Bellashoot? Let us know what you think, collegiettes! 

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