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10 Comfy Outfits for the Day After Thanksgiving


Ah, the day after Thanksgiving, when the only thing we'd like to do is stay in bed in our most oversized PJs while we sleep off that food coma. With family to spend time with and friends to catch up with, though, that isn't always a viable option—and we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but even after a feast like last night's, you still need to be able to get up and make yourself presentable. That's where we come in—no matter what your post-Thanksgiving Day activities are, we've put together outfits for every occasion that are as comfortable as your favorite sweats... but look a million times as cute and put together. 

1. Ice skating

Post Thanksgiving 7

Winter is the best time for ice skating. When you go, you want to be able to move around freely while still keeping warm. A pair a distressed boyfriend jeans won't rip when you fall on your butt on the ice and the palid bomber jacket will keep you from getting the chills on the ice without adding bulky layers. 

2. Lunch with hometown friends

Post Thanksgiving 9


SELECTED black tight
$12 - selected.com



Tory burch shoes



H M scarve
$11 - hm.com



Thanksgiving break is a great time to meet up with old friends from high school who you haven't seen in a while. If you want to dress up a little without actually trying super hard, look for an oversized sweater dress like this one. Pair it with some tights and flats and you are good to go! 

3. Black Friday shopping

Post Thanksgiving 8




Barry M red lip makeup
$9.36 - princesspolly.com



Ah, Black Friday shopping. One of the craziest shopping days of the year calls for an outfit that you'll be able to comfortably wear all day when you're darting from store to store chasing bargains. Boyfriend jeans are a trendy way to wear denim when you don't feel like wearing skin-tight jeggings after your big Thanksgiving meal. Flats are also a must if you're going to tbe on your feet all day.

4. Baking cookies

Post Thanksgiving 1

If you're one of those people who gets into the Christmas spirit as soon as Thanksgiving is over, baking cookies is something fun you can to that doesn't involve a ton of money or effort. An oversized sweater and some leggings make for a fashionable and comfotable outfit that you can wear in the kitchen and to the market when you realize that you don't have enough eggs for the batter. 

5. Going to the movies

Post Thanksgiving 10


H&M pants
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Nike athletic shoes
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Ray Ban eyeglass



Going to the movies has always been the go-to activity on days when you don't really know what to do. This movie-going outfit is super easy to throw on and run out the door. Leather joggers are the lazy girl's baggy alternative to leather leggings, and a graphic tee shirt adds personality to an otherwise pretty basic outfit. 

6. Watching football

Post Thanksgiving 2

Boohoo red dress



Converse sneaker




Football season just doesn't seem to end, right? If you end up watching football the day after Thanksgiving with your brother, your dad, your friends, or whoever else's idea it was to watch football, you'll look sporty chic in this sweatshit dress and leather Converse. The matching burgundy bow will add a little bit of girly-ness to this look.

7. Traveling

Post Thanksgiving 3




Ray-Ban black glasses



Mono Authentic



If you came a long way to celebrate Thanksgiving, the day after is most likely filled with trains, planes and automobiles to get back to school. This outfit featuring army green cargo sweatpants is the perfect outfit for hours of traveling. With an oversized striped shirt and slip on sneakers, you'll dress up the sweats enough to make them look like a fashionable part of your outfit as opposed to a sloppy pair of sweatpants. 

8. Leftovers party

Post Thanksgiving 5

Monki kimono cardigan
$56 - monki.com



Free People white t shirt



Topshop boyfriend jeans
$88 - nordstrom.com




Vince Camuto bib necklace



What's the only thing better than one Thanksgiving dinner? Two Thanksgiving dinners! The day after Thanksgiving is the perfect time to indulge in those tons of leftovers you have. With your friends and family over to continue the feast, you'll look cute and casual in boyfriend jeans and a tee shirt dressed up with a glam necklace and some metallic flats. 

9. Drinks with girlfriends

Post Thanksgiving 6


VILA tall legging
$25 - vila.com





GlassesUSA black glasses



Going out to get drinks with girlfriends might be just what you need after spending the day with your sixteen closest family members. This outing calls for a chic outfit that's bar-ready, but still comfortable. The black leggings and oversized sweater look polished, yet they feel like cozy home clothes, and the hat will hide any messiness you just didn't feel like dealing with. 

10. Snuggling with your SO

Post Thanksgiving 4

Topshop t shirt
$40 - nordstrom.com



Topshop pants
$50 - nordstrom.com





Even though you'll be in your house snuggling and watching (probably) bad TV, you'll still want to look cute for your SO. This outfit is a trendier version of the usual sweatpants and hoodie you usually rock around the house. The pink cashmere socks add a little bit of luxe to the outfit as well as a fun pop of color. 

These cute and comfy outfits are the next best things to sporting PJs when you're going about your day today. For any activity you may have planned for the day after Thanksgiving, there's a comfy outfit that can be worn! What are you going to wear for your day-after-Thanksgiving plans?

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