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21 Thoughts Every Girl Has While Running


It’s safe to say that most of us have a love/hate relationship with exercise. We want the perfect beach bod, but we also want to lay on the couch eating pizza and watching movies all day. The struggle is all too real. But there is no other physical activity we have more mixed emotions about than running. Here are every girl’s thoughts when going on a run.

1. “What a beautiful day it is. Maybe I’ll go for a run.”

2. “Oh, good - I can finally put these extremely expensive running shoes to good use.”

3. "Do I have enough layers on? What if I get cold?"

4. “This isn’t so bad. Why don’t I run more often?”

5. "I THINK I'M DYING OF A HEAT STROKE. I didn't know it was possible to produce this much sweat."

6. “Why is there a hill here? Who in their right mind thought it’d be a good idea to put a hill here?”

7. “I don’t think I can breathe.”

8. “My legs hate me. They’re about to just give out; I know it.”

9. "I'm definitely almost done. I've easily been running for 30 minutes..."

10. "WHAT?! I only left 10 minutes ago?!"

11. “Am I dying? Is this what it feels like to die?”

12. “Flat land. There is a god.”

13. "This is my jam! Let's go! I'm unstoppable."

14. "Wait, why is Josh Groban on my running playlist...?"

15. “Is it over yet?”

16. "Is anyone looking? No one will notice if I take a quick walking break, right?"

17. "Oh, shoot - another runner. I should wave. Am I even capable of smiling right now?"

18. “Note to self: I hate running.”

19. "I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Time to sprint. I've got this!"

20. “Maybe that wasn’t as bad as I thought it was… I guess that’s why they call it runner’s high.”

21. *Next time running* "Lol jkthis is horrible."


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