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Your Black Friday Shopping Outfit, Explained


You’ve stuffed your face with turkey, and now it’s time to take on the fashion tornado that is Black Friday. This chic chaos is not for the weak—only the most committed and prepared fashionistas will be able to battle the crowds and stay focused enough to scoop up the best deals. We’ve thought your outfit through from head to toe, so you can focus on what really matters—your wardrobe's next additions.

The top: Deep V-Neck Sweater, $13.80 from Forever 21

This is a great layer. It will keep you warm under a jacket outside, but is thin enough to comfortably wear inside. Add a cami underneath so you can slip it off if the store is overheated from the crowds—or if you want to try something on without waiting in line for the fitting rooms.

The coat: Uniqlo’s Ultra Light Down Jacket, $69.90

This jacket is truly the best of both worlds. The down lining will protect you from cold air if you get caught in a line so long that it goes out the door, and once you get inside, you can fold it into its built in pouch. (Yeah, you heard me—Built. In. Pouch.) Is this witchcraft? Nope, just the simple genius we’ve come to expect from Uniqlo.

The bottoms: Fur-Lined Geometric Print Leggings, $16.99 from Charlotte Russe

Besides being super comfortable and cute, these leggings will easy to slip on and off when you try things on, or if the dressing rooms aren't available, they're form-fitting enough to try things on over. Not to mention, when you’re sprinting to beat some other girl to the last pair of shoes the store has in your size, you’ll be happy you aren’t wearing tight and restrictive jeans.

The shoes: Isn’t Knit Great? Boot, $84.99 from ModCloth

These cute and comfortable boots will keep you cozy while you trek through the shops!

The cold-weater accessory: Tilly’s Twist Headwrap, $8

Something that will keep your ears warm make you look totally cute? It’s a win win.

The bag: Metal Plate Shoulder Bag Monochrome, $34.18 from Missguided

This simple and elegant crossbody will keep your hands free to rummage through the sale rack. Bonus: Its metal detailing is basically armor so you can confidentally fend off other shoppers.


Pro-tip: Lay out your outfit on Thanksgiving day, so after you wake up from your food hangover (in the wee hours of the morning), you can throw it on and be ready to go. Happy shopping!

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