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13 Things You'll See Only on Black Friday


Black Friday is notorious for its unbelievable early-morning sales and downright crazy stories. It’s debatable whether it’s retail’s best day or worst nightmare, but one thing’s for certain: There are some things that you will see only on Black Friday.

1. Customers legitimately camped out outside of Best Buy. Sometimes DAYS in advance.


Don’t you have better things to do?

2. Lines of people out the door, around the corner and down the street, just waiting to be let inside.

Patience is a virtue.

3. A literal stampede of crowds when the doors actually do open.


The word “doorbuster” has taken on a whole new meaning.

4. People fighting over carts and clothing like it’s the end of the world.


Can’t we all just be friends?

5. Wads of coupons clutched in shoppers' hands.



6. Approximately a gazillion sales going on.


iPads for only $49.99?? I’ll take seven!

7. Four-year-olds wandering around even though it’s 3 a.m.


Let the kids sleep!

8. Dads stocking up on TVs like they’re going out of style.


Do less.

9. Moms searching frantically for that life-sized Elsa doll that EVERY mom is searching for.

Just let it go, moms. Let it go.

10. People randomly putting things in their carts just because they know they're cheap.


This is why we can’t have nice things.

11. Employees looking like they’re at the edge of a mental breakdown by 7 a.m.

These people deserve a medal.

12. Actually, everyone looking like they’re at the brink of tears or exhaustion.

Is this day really worth losing precious sleep over?

13. That ONE person who gets the last gadget/toy/specialty item.  His or her pure joy makes this day worth it.

Happy Black Friday!


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