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The HC Team Weighs In: Our Favorite Thanksgiving Traditions


Happy Thanksgiving collegiettes! As you start to get ready to sit down for a big meal this Thursday, you also reflect back on Thanksgivings past and remember your favorite traditions. The collegiettes at Her Campus are also thinking of our favorite traditions and wanted to share them with all of you!

As always, share with us your favorite Thanksgiving tradition for by leaving a comment below.

My dad always listens to "Alice's Restaurant" an old Vietnam protest song. A local radio station plays it exclusively at noon every year because the song takes place on Thanksgiving. Usually by that time the parade has just ended and we are preparing dinner, so my family always cooks together while listening to it!

-  Elyssa Sternberg, Management Intern, Boston University

My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is when everyone goes around the table either before or during the meal to say what they are thankful for. It puts everything into perspective when we might be distracted by the yummy food and Black Friday shopping. I love taking the time to think about how much God has blessed me throughout the year, and I love hearing how He has blessed those I care about as well. Thanksgiving really is about spending quality time with friends and family, enjoying a nice meal together, and just being in the moment!

- Jen Morgan, National Contributing Writer and Beauty School Blogger, Messiah College

My whole family always goes to my cabin in the woods for Thanksgiving. It's really rustic and there's no cable TV or WiFi so we all just get to enjoy each other's company and some delicious food. After dinner, we all go for a hike through the woods and then light a fire and have dessert. It's a day that's all about reconnecting with family, and that's why I love it!

- Sophie Dodd, Editorial Intern, Middlebury College

I love spending the whole day baking with my mom and watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Growing up, I used to perform in the Philly parade, so having the festivities on the TV while cooking up a delicious dinner brings back wonderful memories!

- Gabrielle Hughes, Campus Correspondent, Syracuse University

My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is making this pumpkin bread recipe that I have had since my 8th grade cooking class. Everyone knows that the pumpkin bread is my thing, and I always make about 5 loaves to bring to my aunt's house (of course I leave one loaf at home to pick at the following few days!).

- Katie Piscopio, Campus Correspondent, University of Pittsburgh

My family always makes an American thanksgiving meal and some Indian food. So we always have a choice and can be thankful for both of our cultures.

- Steffiny Kallickal, Campus Correspondent, Mercer University

At Assumption, right before break, the dining hall puts on this giant Thanksgiving dinner with turkey and cranberry sauce and stuffing and a ton of different kinds of pie. It's so awesome that I have a way to spend this holiday with my family, hometown friends, AND my college friends. My roommates and I have gone for three years now and it's so bittersweet that this will be my last one!

- Sara Heath, Contributing Writer, Assumption College

My aunt makes this drool-worthy sweet potato casserole with marshmallows (cooked to golden perfection) on top. It definitely qualifies as a dessert but she serves it with the main course and it's life changing.

- Jessica Jaksich, Real World Contributing Writer, Emory University

After we're stuffed with turkey, my sister and I always re-watch all the Thanksgiving episodes of Friends. No show has ever done Thanksgiving better, and we still laugh like we've never seen the episodes before!

- Erin Crabtree, Contributing Writer/Blogger, Belmont University

A lot of people love getting together with friends over Thanksgiving, and of course I do too. That said, I think my favorite part is going to the Chinese buffet with my friends after we're all done with the initial Thanksgiving meal. We've done it for the last few years, and it's always a lot of fun to just kick back and appreciate your good friends with some cheap food.

- Dale Lavine, Real Live College Guy, Old Dominion University

My family spends Thanksgiving with my parent's good friends of over 30 years and their family and close friends. It is like a HUGE party and we have a theme and games and prizes throughout the day. It is my favorite holiday because they make it so special and fun. This year we have to dress like we're part of a different decade (1920's-1980's). It's so sweet that they put so much thought into this and we can do something light-hearted and memorable. We love it!

- Jenna Kapsis, Campus Correspondent, WPUNJ

My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is that my Grandpa takes the time to draw little turkeys on everyone's paper napkins before the family comes over for Thanksgiving dinner.

- Megan Sweet, Contributing Writer, Michigan State University

My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is going to get the turkey with my mother. We live in a rural area and every year we order a turkey from the Mennonite turkey farm down the road from us. Everyone there is very friendly, and since we go there all the time, we know about each other’s families and such.
There are two very old ladies in full Mennonite garb who grab the turkeys from the refrigerator and push them down the table so they slide into the other woman's bag. Then the second woman ties it up and we pay for the 18-pound turkey. Once we’re home we push everything in the fridge out of the way to make room for the huge bird.
I love this tradition because I get to spend time with my mother, talk to all of the people at Bolton's (the turkey farm), and it's fun to watch them bag all of the turkeys so quickly. There is always a huge line of people getting Thanksgiving meal supplies and the women are very efficient and smart about their system. Also, when I go I always get fresh chocolate milk. It's a great time.

- Sarah Beth Kaye, Contributing Writer, Rutgers University

My mom's turkey soup! It's a favorite tradition in our house as it's something we get to enjoys for days or even weeks after Thanksgiving. It's warm in the tummy and a reminder of the value of family with every spoonful!

- Savannah Pluzak, Campus Correspondent, University of Waterloo 

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