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8 Dresses That Will Hide Your Thanksgiving Food Baby


People spend hours, even days, preparing food for their Thanksgiving feasts. The turkey, stuffing, gravy, potatoes, and of course pumpkin pie will all be waiting for you when you get to Thanksgiving dinner. We all know what happens after an amazing, filling meal though. Two words: Food baby. This little temporary baby bump we get after we eat can be an obstacle to hide, especially when you have to dress in real people clothes (i.e. not sweatpants and a sweatshirt). It’s a good thing there are dresses whose silhouettes are the perfect cover-up when your food baby decides to come for a visit. Here are some dresses that you can wear on Thanksgiving to hide that post-meal bump whether you’re at a casual family dinner or a big fancy banquet!

1. Kindness Is Key Tunic – Red Dress Boutique ($46)

This plaid tunic has a great loose shape that will allow you to breathe after you’ve indulged in your third slice of pumpkin pie (we've all been there). The shorter length makes it perfect to pair with leggings, which will really amp up your comfort level. Wear this one to a casual family get-together!

2. Violeta Lace Dress – Francesca’s ($74)

The skater style dress is the most universally flattering dress silhouette that exists. The fit cinches in the waist but flares out at just the right place—so you look totally put-together, even when you've had one too many spoonfuls of mashed potatoes.

3. Dolman Sleeve Boatneck Drop Waist with Tie Dress – H.C.B. ($50)

Orange is the perfect color to wear for Thanksgiving. It’s exciting and an unexpected deviation from muted fall neutrals. The tie around the waist means you can still give this oversized fit some shape, and you have the added benefit of being able to loosen it towards the end of dinner. 

4. Python Wrap Dress – C.Wonder ($128)

Here’s another unexpected fabric choice for your Thanksgiving dress. Traditionally seen in edgier clothing, the python print looks amazing in the form of a classic wrap dress as well. The wrap dress is made of a soft and stretchy material, so feel free to curl up in a ball on couch after dinner while you’re wearing your dress and go into a food coma.

5. Carrie Pleated Dress – Nasty Gal ($68)

This dress is a new twist on a fit and flare dress. The bodice and skirt remain the same (tight on top, lose on bottom), but this dress has oversized short sleeves that eliminate the need for a cardigan that we usually wear over sleeveless dresses in the fall. It’s also almost the exact same color as cranberry sauce, so if you spill a little by accident, no one will ever notice.

6. Metallic Dot Jacquard Dress – J.Crew ($168)

Jacquard is really cool because it’s thicker than most fabrics, so any little bumps you have wont be visible, and it’s a little stiff, so it holds a shape really well. The jacquard in addition to the silhouette of the dress makes it the perfect cover-up for your food baby on Thanksgiving. The little metallic dots are also super cute!

7. Luanna Floral Beaded Dress – Francesca’s ($64)

If you liked The Great Gatsby, then you’ll love this beaded shift dress that is reminiscent of the 20s. The boxy fit not only makes it feel like it’s really from that time period, it also gives you some room for that millionth helping of stuffing.

8. Having a Ball Olive Green Sequin Dress – Lulu*s ($49)

The A-line shape of this dress is going to be your new best friend. Like the skater dress, it accentuates your top without being too revealing. Unlike the skater dress, however, it doesn’t hug any of your curves too tightly. This has a slimming shape and is sequined. What more could you ask for?

Each of these dresses leaves just the right amount of room in the middle for a big Thanksgiving feast. Hopefully your food baby is the only unwanted guest at your dinner! What are you going to wear for Thanksgiving, collegiettes?

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