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5 (Affordable!) Luxury Beauty Products to Travel With


With all the traveling you're doing this season, it's a must to have on-the-go products that won't take up too much space (leaving you room for shopping while you're away!) but are still ultra-effective. So we've turned to the best of the best in beauty to bring you luxurious, top-of-the-line beauty products in handy travel sizes—all under $40!

1. Makeup bag

Charlotte Tilbury Signature Makeup Bag, $35

One thing that all traveling collegiettes need is a good makeup bag. This one by Charlotte Tilbury not only has an adorable print but it is the perfect size to fit into your suitcase or backpack. Also, because it is not made out of a cloth material (like many makeup bags are) it won’t stain or get dirty—which is something that happens easily when you have powder or liquid-based items. 

2. Soap

3 Little Soaps with Travel Dish, $17

This set from Clinique offers 3 soaps that are perfect for traveling. The set comes with a soap dish meaning you can pack it back up and take it with you wherever you go, and if you're staying somewhere that's not home, you don't have to put the soap directly on the counter. Plus, carrying a facial soap in bar form is much more handy than lugging around the liquid form, which is much more likely to spill all over the rest of your luggage.

3. Fragrance

The Naughty List Rollerball Trip$18

You don't want to pack your full-sized perfume bottles on trips (what if it breaks and ruins everything in your suitcase?!), but you still want to stay fresh with your signature scent no matter where in the world you are. These travel-sized rollerball perfumes are the answer to your problems! Pack them up or even take them in your carry-on to freshen up post-flight. 

4. Haircare

“Escape” Travel Kit$37

Philip B is the go-to for perfect hair, and since the products generally run expensive (some of the shampoos go into the hundreds of dollars!), opting for a travel-sized kit means you can have gorgeous hair on vacation and test out the luxury products for a fraction of the price. This set includes shampoo, a deep conditioning crème rinse, a detangling toning mist and a hand and body moisturizer. What we love about this set is once you have finished using all of the products, you have a cute transparent bag to hold other things (like makeup)!

5. Skincare

3 Little Wonders Mini Collection$28

This trio from Ole Henriksen is, as the name suggests, a total wonder. It comes with a collagen booster, a brightening moisturizer and a night gel. These products will leave you with glowing, radiant skin—which is often hard to achieve when you are traveling. The products are also small enough to take aboard a plane—in case you need to revitalize mid-flight!

These luxury products are total necessities for traveling this season! What are your travel essentials, collegiettes?


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