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A Definitive Ranking of Thanksgiving Food


Thanksgiving is the holiday we all look forward to because of the three F's: family, friends and food. With all of the delicious options, there’s no hope of ending the day without feeling like you’re going to burst. That's why it's so difficult to rank the most popular foods we eat on this great day, but we did it anyway. Keep reading to see if you agree with our list!

9. Any vegetable dish

This dish is usually the last to go on your plate (and eventually into the garbage disposal). The only reasons you put it on your plate are 1) to fool your parents into thinking you're eating healthily and 2) so you don't offend the distant relative who made it.

8. Cranberry sauce

Who reeeally looks forward to cranberry sauce? What does it even go on? Do you eat it by itself? This is one of the biggest mysteries of life.

7. Turkey

Turkey is often mistaken as the headliner of the show, but this bird is nothing without all of the side dishes to smother it in.

6. Sweet potatoes

When made with brown sugar and marshmallows, aka the correct way, you get a beautiful dessert that you can pass off as your daily serving of vegetables.

5. Corn bread

Sweet bread that you douse in butter. Is there anything better?

4. Pie

Pumpkin, apple, blueberry, pecan - whatever your family's preference is, pie is key to your Thanksgiving feast. Even if you're so full from dinner that you had to change out of jeans and into leggings, you will always make room for pie.

3. Gravy

Let's be honest - your main dish on Thanksgiving is just a plateful of gravy with a little turkey on top.

2. Mashed potatoes

You can never go wrong with mashed potatoes. They're creamy and buttery, and you don't even need to chew them - what more do you want?

1. Stuffing

Naturally, our number one pick is stuffing. This can't even be called a side dish, because every year it steals the show. Sorry, turkey.

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