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9 Tattoos to Show Your LGBTQ+ Pride


Been thinking about getting a tattoo for a long time? Or maybe you have several, but you just need another? Check out our list of some of the cutest LGBTQ+-themed tattoos.

1. Hers and Hers

This cute couples’ tattoo is simple yet elegant and shows off that you have pride for the one you love and you aren’t afraid to show it.

2. Preferred Pronouns

This tattoo belongs to Sans, a genderqueer individual who always closeted themself because they were not comfortable with the idea of explaining their gender identity. “But one day I became so sick of pretending to be someone I'm not that I just went into a tattoo parlor and got my pronoun tattooed on my upper back,” they say. “It is a permanent reminder of who I am and an affirmation of my self-love.”

3.Rainbow Ribbons

Long and big tattoos are definitely eye catching. This is a cute design that is a unique way to incorporate a pride flag into a tattoo!

4. Shoot for the Stars

Sarah, a student from Fleming College, got this tat a year ago. “I got it to promote my self love, and remind myself that I'm here, queer and not going anywhere!” she says. “I was teased about my sexuality in high school, and even now it gives me strength.”

5. Live and Let Live

This wonderful tattoo belonging to collegiette Amber was actually a suggestion from her sister. “This tattoo is really sentimental to me because not only does it symbolize resiliency and pride, but it also reminds me of the wonderful supporter and ally I have for a sister,” she says.

6. Missing Piece

Whether you have your missing piece or you’re still looking, show off your pride (and your hopeless romantic side) with this tat.

7. Heart on Your Sleeve

This intricate tattoo is just plain stunning.

8. She Keeps Me Warm

This tattoo uses modified Mary Lambert lyrics to show that queer individuals don’t want to and shouldn’t have to change for anyone. Using the lyrics from a song by a queer artist is a great way to show your pride and your taste in music.

9. Growing

A rainbow, an inverted triangle and a tree: a symbolism triple threat.

Tattoos are super fun to think about or get, and they’re usually really personal for everyone. Remember to check out the tattoo parlor you’re planning on going to in order to make sure it’s safe and clean. Share your awesome pride tattoos in the comments!

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