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14 Questions We Hope No One Asks Us at Thanksgiving


One of the best parts of Thanksgiving is getting to spend time with family members we may not get to see too often. However, with that reunion comes a few questions from them that we’d probably rather not answer. Here are a few questions we’re hoping to avoid at the family dinner table this year.

1. “So, have you done anything interesting lately?”

2. “How’s your love life?”

3. “What is it you plan on doing with your degree again?”

4. “Do you remember when you used to have a crush on your cousin Robbie?”

5. “Are you doing any studying at school, or just a whole lot of partying?”

6. “Whatever happened to that nice boy you brought to dinner last year?”

7. “What do you think of my cranberry sauce?”

8. “How’s that fitness regimen you started over the summer going?”

9. “Did you do something different to your hair?”

10. “Do you have any plans for after graduation yet?”

11. “How come you never come to visit me anymore?”

12. “Do you really think that new piercing looks professional?”

13. “Are you already on your second slice of pie?”

14. “Can I start expecting grandchildren any time soon?”

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