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5 Reasons to Get Psyched for the Last Semester of High School


The spring semester of your senior year of high school comes with a tidal wave of emotions. You’re excited for everything new that’s coming your way but sad about leaving high school behind. It’s starting to hit you that this semester is your last hoorah with your childhood friends.

Even with a frenzy of different emotions, you should definitely be psyched for every amazing event and moment during the spring semester of your senior year! Collegiettes are here to tell you what to get excited for.

1. Everything’s Your Last

It’s your last school play, your last softball game, your last article in the school newspaper. Instead of getting bummed about all these “lasts,” look at the semester as an opportunity to go out with a bang. Leave behind a legacy of giving your sport or club your all and graduate with no regrets!

“I play piano, so I had a senior recital with my friends at the end of the year,” says Katherine, a junior majoring in English at the University of Rochester. “School shows are also really fun.  Anyone who does theater knows what a meaningful experience it is.  Performing in your last high school show is very bittersweet and tends to feel like more than just a high school production, because it's the last time you're creating theater with a group of people you've grown to trust.”

A last game or show is the perfect way to cap off your high school experience with a meaningful event with your friends!

2. You’ll Get Your College Acceptance Letters

Let’s be honest: part of the fun of senior year of high school is figuring out where you’ll be freshman year of college! Spring semester is when all of those acceptance letters start rolling in and you get a better idea of where you’re headed come fall.

Towards the end of the spring semester, most high schools have a day when seniors can sport their new college’s apparel and be proud to show off their new school colors. Make sure you head to your college’s bookstore to get ready for your time to shine!

3. You Get to Go to Prom

After watching Pretty in Pink, She’s All That and Full House (everyone still loves D.J. and Steve’s prom episode) on repeat for years, it’s finally your turn to go to prom! Will your date ask you out in the hallway, or by painting his proposal on your car in the senior parking lot? Will you wear your hair up or down? Will your gown be long or short? Sure, those are a lot of questions, but figuring out your plans is half the fun (and great prep for college formals!).

“Being asked to prom, the dress shopping and pictures and planning are fun/stressful but well worth it in the end, and I miss it!” says Morgan, a senior at Boston College.

Because prom is so late in the semester, it’s often your class’s last big gathering before graduation. And, of course, it’s the party of the year.

“At my school, prom was really exciting because it our only formal, so everyone was chattering about prom forever,” says Elleandrea, a senior at the University of Iowa.

No matter what you’re wearing, if you have a date or not or where the prom is held, you’re sure to have the time of your life dancing the night away with your best friends.

4. There’s No More Drama

What many collegiettes realize now is how much drama disappeared once they became high school seniors. Who cares about cliques when everyone’s leaving in a few months anyways?

“I absolutely loved the second semester of my senior year of high school,” says Lindsey, a junior at Temple University. “Knowing that we were all graduating soon really brought my class together. All the drama faded away and we all really just enjoyed the last big events, like prom, our senior trip and the last weeks of school, before we graduated and went our separate ways.”

Senior year is a time for maturity and letting go of the past before graduation. What better way to do that than by being an adult and sharing the fun of spring semester with everyone?

5. A New Beginning is Officially on the Horizon

They say that high school goes by fast, but get ready, because the next four years of your life are going to fly by.

“The last semester [of high school] is a countdown to a new journey beginning,” Ellandrea says.

College is the most incredible experience. You’re free to explore any major, any career path and any hobby. Hot college guys are everywhere you turn. Even though it can be bittersweet to leave high school behind, you have an amazing four years ahead of you. And your last semester of high school is when that amazing time finally seems like it’s on its way.


Spring semester of your senior year is thrilling. You have so much ahead of you to accomplish while you’re still Big Girls on Campus, so work hard and have fun until you embark on your next journey: college!

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