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7 Struggles Only People With End-of-Year Birthdays Understand


Your birthday is probably the only day of the year when it's acceptable for you to be self-centered. Family and friends will come together to celebrate your big day, and they'll shower you with gifts. However, if you were born during last few months of the year, your birthday aspirations usually fall flat, and the occasion can quickly turn into a suckfest. Here's why: 

1. When your friends and practically the whole grade had their licenses, you still had to be chauffeured around by Mom or Dad.

By the time you got your license, everyone in your grade could already drive. It was a big deal when that kid whose birthday is in January got his license, but by the time you did, no one really cared anymore. 

2. When all of your friends are celebrating turning 21, you're still 20, and thus, you're left behind.

If you thought that left-out feeling you got when everyone could drive was bad, then being among the last to turn 21 is death. All of your friends are comparing their new, mature-looking photos on their new licenses while you're still staring at that awkward DMV photo you took back in high school.

3. You can never throw an outdoor birthday party.

Any hopes of having an outdoor party are gone by October. Picnics, barbeques and pool parties are completely out of the question. You're pretty much limited to throwing a bash indoors, where fun clearly has its limits.

4. Half of the people you invite to your indoor party can't come because they're with family for the holidays.

If your party falls even within two weeks of a big holiday, expect half of your guests to be busy with family. You end up having to reschedule for January, and by that time, everyone has forgotten why there's a party in the first place.

5. Or they can't come because finals are happening and everyone is studying.

If your birthday falls around finals week, you can forget about celebrating on the exact day. In fact, you should probably be studying yourself; there's always the likelihood you have a final the day of or after your birthday.

6. Relatives try to pass your birthday present off as a holiday present.

If your birthday is in December, there have probably been many occasions when a relative would hand you a birthday present that doubled as your Christmas present. If your birthday was in March, like your brother's, you definitely would have received two separate gifts like he did. Not cool.

7. You want to wear something fancy and flirty when you go out on your birthday with your friends, but it's freezing out.

Anyone with a summer birthday has it so easy; they can wear whatever they want without having to work around the weather. By November or December, it's usually under 50 degrees, and your options are to either dress sensibly or have your toes and limbs freeze the moment you leave your home.

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