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6 Ways to Make Great Friends in College


Whether you’re freshman or a senior, the classic adage of, “make new friends, but keep the old” stands true. There’s nothing quite like making a new friend, and college is a great place to expand your friend group and share new experiences with fellow students. Every new friend you make could become a potential study buddy or BFF. Check out these six great ways to meet new friends in college!

1. Talk to people on your floor

Living in the dorms is like moving into a new neighborhood. There are tons of people around just waiting for you to befriend them! When you’re studying or just hanging out in your room, keep your door open so your floor mates can see that you’re there and you want to hang out.

2. Rush a Greek organization

Rushing a sorority or fraternity gives you an instant group of potential friends. Whether your Greek organization is cultural, academic or social, you’ll develop a deep bond with all of the fellow members that will last throughout your college career.

Jackie Hemsley, a senior at the University of Delaware, says she joined Kappa Alpha Theta because she “needed to make my campus a little bit smaller and find myself a group of people who I could call my family.”

If you’re interested in joining a sorority spring semester, make friends with some current members and learn the ropes of that specific sorority before spring rush starts. The sisters will appreciate your dedication!

Jackie says that joining her sorority gave her “incredible sisters who have my back no mater what the situation is: whether I need a shoulder to cry on, a good laugh, a ride home in the dark, a big hug or just someone to grab dinner with me.” Rushing a Greek organization puts you together with a great group of new friends who become best friends fast.

3. Join a club

One of the great parts of college is meeting tons of people with different interests and causes. If you are interested in an issue or you have a hobby, there’s probably a club on campus full of people who have the same interest or hobby. Some college clubs focus on gaining professional skills, such as debate club, while others are more social-orientated, such as the juggling club. Pick a club that interests you, or go to one that you have no idea about. By checking out a new organization, you can make new friends while possibly finding a new passion.

Check your school’s calendar of events for club-run mixers, or go to an involvement fair at the beginning of each semester. You can also look online. Several national organizations have campus chapters. For example, She’s the First, an organization that focuses on girls’ education around the world, has a list of all of their campus chapters right on their website.

4.  Make a study group

Class is a great place to make new friends because you already have something in common. Whether you and your classmates are struggling with organic chemistry or you just need a buddy to edit your paper, making a study group will help you find a bunch of people who are having a similar college experience as you.

To get a group going, set up weekly meetings. Each person will bring his or her notes and ideas, then share and work with the group to understand the material. Study groups aren’t all serious business, though; most groups spend more time making jokes than studying! 

5. Talk to people at your job

Another great place to make friends is at your workplace. Most campus jobs, such as working in the student center or the school’s café, are full of college student employees.

Making friends at work is easy because you all have some shared experiences and can complain together about the coffee maker that never works. Doing otherwise boring tasks such as lifting boxes or filing is so much better with a friend.  So next time you don your work uniform, put on a smile as well and make some friends!

6. Take a trip

Many colleges or clubs offer school-sponsored trips for their students. These trips can be day trips or last as long as the week of spring break. Community service trips are popular, as well as adventures to see local landmarks or museums.

By taking a trip, you and your fellow adventurers have an instant conversation starter. Once the conversation gets flowing about the trip activities, venture to other topics such as favorite bands or what your new friend likes to do for fun.

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