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7 Celebs Carrying Their Pets in Public


We've noticed an accessories trend lately, and it's not delicately layered necklaces, ear cuffs or beanies... it's pets! Some of our favorite celebs have been snapped out and about toting their precious, tiny dogs and cats. These fluffballs make for some seriously adorable arm candy; we can't help but wish our cats would let us tote them around campus. Check out these seven celebs out on the town with their furry friends!

1. Taylor Swift and Olivia Benson

The reigning queen of pop has two felines, but the newest addition to her family, Olivia Benson, was snapped out and about with Taylor in New York City. Taylor's transformation into a full-blown cat lady is clearly complete, and Olivia doesn't seem to be complaining.

2. Paris Hilton and Mr. Amazing

The heiress's new dog is reportedly the smallest Pomeranian in the world (if this picture is any indication, we believe it). His name? Mr. Amazing, duh. Paris has had dozens of tiny dogs over the years, but she really outdid herself this time.

3. Kesha and Prince Charlie

Collective "awwws" were uttered when Kesha stepped through LAX toting one of her three cats, Prince Charlie. It's a bold move to carry your cat through the airport without a carrier, but when you're Kesha (and your kitty is that cute), we can't really blame you!

4. Miley Cyrus and Moonie

Miley was heartbroken when her beloved dog, Floyd, died earlier this year, so her mom bought her this tiny pup to cheer her up. Miley named the fluffball Moonie but gave him away only 10 days later, saying it was "too soon." In any case, it looks like the few days the pair spent together involved plenty of snuggles.

5. Kim Kardashian and Mercy

Remember 2012 Kim Kardashian, when she had just started dating Kanye? We don't either, but that's when this pic was taken. Yeezus gave Kim this tiny Persian cat named Mercy as a gift, and she carried the impossibly adorable kitten everywhere with her. Sadly, Mercy passed away, but we're sure that Mercy led a life of luxury with Kim.

6. Alessandra Ambrosio and her puppy

As if Alessandra Ambrosio didn't already have a reputation for being a supermom, she was snapped walking her son while also toting her tiny pup. Victoria's Secret modeling contract, great bod, beautiful kids and an adorable puppy so small you can hold it with one arm? Can we be Alessandra, please?

7. Hilary Duff and her cat

Hilary Duff was snapped taking her cat and dog (not pictured) for a walk outside of her home, but it looks like her cat received some special treatment, cozy blanket included.

What do you think about pets as accessories, collegiettes? Let us know in the comments!

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