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7 Times Taylor Swift Ditched Her Signature Look—and Looked Amazing!


When Wonderland debuted their newest cover featuring Taylor Swift, we all did a double (triple?) take. With a deep bronze glow and without her signature cat-eye and bold red lipstick, she was pretty much unrecognizable—but there's no denying she still looked stunning. So we did a little digging and put together other standout moments where Taylor ditched her go-to look—and looked amazing anyway!

1. Wonderland Magazine, 2014

We have to say, a bold brow looks good on the girl—and we think Cara Delevingne agrees.

2. The Grammys, 2012

Sultry eyes and just-kissed-pink lips give Taylor an elegant, grown-up look.

3. The Golden Globes, 2013

Taylor went all-out minimalist, with that gorgeously sleek gown and just the right amount of makeup to match.

4. AMAs, 2011

Keeping the rest of her look totally fresh-faced, Taylor lets those long, spidery lashes take the show.

5. AMAs, 2013

Tousled, I-woke-up-like-this bangs, a smoky eye—who is that girl?!

6. The Grammys, 2014

Taylor lights up this year’s Grammys with the help of some glistening silver shadow. The perfect holiday makeup look, anybody?

7. ACM awards, 2012

The more put-together version of her look from the AMAs above, Taylor proves that girly bangs can look grown up and sophisticated.

What's your favorite look, collegiettes? Do you think Taylor should stick to her signature style, or do you like to see her switch it up?


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