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The Secret Life of Fashion Bloggers


The world of fashion blogging is glitzy, glamorous and exclusive; we usually see the finished product in a polished blog post or Instagram photo and don’t get to see what went into it, but we imagine it’s not a far cry from a Devil Wears Prada scenario (emphasis on the Prada). So, want to know what’s really going on behind the scenes? Get a sneak peek into the fabulous lives of four fashion bloggers as they covered College Fashion Week 2014on behalf of TRESemméTeen Vogue and Her Campus!

These four ladies are seasoned, style-savvy bloggers, so we sent one to each of the stops on the College Fashion Week 2014 tour knowing she’d make the show even more fabulous. Here’s a taste of what life was like behind the scenes – and find out if you have what it takes to be a top fashion blogger.

Jessye - City Tonic

As a graduate of the University of Virginia, Boston-based fashionista Jessye is definitely no stranger to the collegiette life and style! Despite Boston’s unpleasant weather on the night of the first show of College Fashion Week 2014, Jessye and everyone else who attended still had an amazing time, because fashion waits for no one (not even the weather). She showed up in a knockout, boohoo.com deep-V jumpsuit and paired it with a pair of jaw-dropping Valentino studded heels (not to mention an ah-maze Theory blazer and boohoo.com clutch).

Aside from meeting new people and socializing with fellow blogger buddies, Jessye got the chance to experience a whole lot of pampering! The TRESemmé stylists gave her gorgeous side-swept curls, which seriously complemented her already perfectly ombréd tresses. Then, bareMinerals finished off what was turning out to be an old Hollywood glamour-esque look with dramatic eye makeup and a bright red lip color. Instant chic.

Jinna - Grease and Glamour

Since Jinna’s latest passion has been traveling the world, we’re so glad she was around New York City to take part in all of the action at the second show of College Fashion Week. Like the other bloggers who attended the shows, Jinna got to enjoy the fashion and indulge in some (read: a lot) of primping!

But the greatest thing she said she took away from the show was a reflection on her college years and on the experience as a whole, which she concluded was one of the most crucial times to discover yourself, creatively and otherwise. Jinna remarked on the great chat she had with TRESemmé stylist Tyler Laswell on his journey that began at The School of Hair Design by L’Oréal and led him to the dream job he has today. Since then, he has skyrocketed to success, even styling Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Where will you find your inspiration, collegiettes? For a fashion blogger, even a behind-the-scenes chat can turn into something inspirational!

Brittany - The CHICago Life Blog

The CHICago Life Blog, which is unique because it tracks the passions and lives of multiple contributors, sent its intern Brittany to the third stop of College Week 2014 in Chicago for a night out on the town. Brittany, who updates her own style blog when she’s not helping out with TCLB, also got the star treatment and even got to get her hair done by the one and only Tyler Laswell. After learning that Laswell is a hairstyling regular at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, she knew she (or her hair) was in the best hands! He created for her a sleek, elegant side knot that conveniently went so well with her classic outfit of pearls, a lace top and a pleated midi skirt.

Krystal - This Time Tomorrow 

As a member of the shopping and commerce team at Google, Krystal has fashion in her blood. In fact, it’s been that way since she was in college, where she says she experimented with a lot of different styles (here’s hoping we all do, too!). So naturally, College Fashion Week San Francisco was almost like a walk down memory lane for her. Krystal said she only wished a collegiette-geared fashion show like CFW could’ve been available to her when she was in school.

Perhaps to embrace the experimental attitude she had in college, she picked what she called an intriguing, black and white frock that “lacked in hanger appeal,” but ended up being super cute in person. As a fashion blogger of her personal blog, This Time Tomorrow, Krystal is able to show off her signature style and score invites to fab fashion events (plus all the pampering that comes with them, including some from industry heavyweights TRESemmé).

So, you want to be a fashion blogger now? Yeah, we do too! These four inspiring ladies make life behind the scenes – and right by the runway – look pretty darn amazing, and we’d be lying if we said we couldn’t all use a little of that glam in our lives. Get writing, collegiettes, and you could be the next big blogger to score the VIP treatment!

Can’t wait to get the fashion blogger treatment until your blog’s up and running? We’ve got you covered. Rock the same on-trend styles as these blogging stars with Tyler Laswell’s tips to recreate iconic TRESemmé looks on campus! TRESemmé shows collegiettes how to achieve runway-ready looks at home – for more inspiration and hair how-to’s visit TRESemmé's YouTube Channel

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