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9 Fun & Easy On-Campus Date Ideas


Congratulations! You’ve scored a cute boy who wants to go on amazing dates with you. The bad news? Your options are limited because you both live on campus and neither of you have cars, limiting you from some other dates. The typical “dining hall date night” works for a while, but you can only be so romantic when you’re surrounded by the table of loud frat boys to your left and loud, giggly girls to your right. Follow this guide to enjoy some fun and free on-campus dates with your guy!

1. Take a coffee break

A basic coffee date at the café on campus is a great way to spend some time together during the day, especially when you both have a busy class schedule. Make a point to meet up with your guy whenever you both have a break. It’s a nice switch from meeting up at your favorite on-campus eateries, which tend to be far more crowded.

“My boyfriend and I love just walking to the cafe we have on campus so we can get a cup of coffee, hang out and talk,” says Kelly, a senior at Hofstra University. “It’s just a nice way for us to take a quick break from schoolwork and spend some together.”  

2. Attend a sports game

Sports games are a fun, social activity where you can bond with your guy in a casual environment. With the constant action on the field, there’s always something to talk about. There’s nothing like stale popcorn and sweaty athletes to bring two people closer together!

3. Break a sweat at a group fitness class

A step up from a regular workout––find a class at your gym that you both would enjoy and take it together! Most colleges offer a variety of classes, like yoga, kickboxing and Zumba.

“I made my boyfriend come to Zumba with me,” says Elysha, a collegiette from Clemson University. “He completely underestimated how tough it can actually be! We had a great time doing it together.”

Whatever you choose, you’ll be bound to have a great time, burn calories and maybe even learn some new skills. Everybody wins!

4. Visit an art gallery

Many collegiettes overlook all the culture and history their school offers. Most schools have sort of museum or art gallery available on campus. Why not go check it out one day with your guy?

Kelsey, a junior at the University of Illinois, visited the on-campus art museum at her school with her boyfriend. “It was such a great bonding experience,” she says. “We learned about so much history we never knew existed and got to do it together, which made it extra special!”

5. Take a bike ride (or a long walk) around campus

Especially with the weather getting crisper, there’s no more beautiful time for a long bike ride around campus. Don’t have bikes? A long walk works, too! Take in the beautiful scenery with your guy while engaging in casual conversation. This date is simple yet intimate. Hint: if you really want to up the romance factor, do this at sunset. Take pictures of the foliage and yourselves for a cute self-photo shoot!

6. Watch a free movie

Most colleges show free movies on campus, usually monthly or even weekly. Take advantage of this date opportunity and enjoy the movie-theater-date vibe (without the travel time or ticket prices)!

Carrie, a senior from Muskingum University, works for her school’s student life program, helping to set up free movies and food for students once a month. “Couples come in all the time!” she says. “It’s a good place to go casually to enjoy a date night without actually going anywhere.”

Check out your school’s student activities schedule to find out when you can go catch a flick!

7. Have a picnic on the quad

Grab your date, grab a towel to sit on and head to a nice shady area on the quad. This is much more romantic than eating in your cafeteria, and also you’ll be much more secluded.

“It’s fun to explore different areas of the campus to find that perfect picnic spot to spend time with a special someone,” says Sarah, a senior from Lafayette College. You can simply grab a to-go box from your cafeteria, or try out some of these yummy picnic ideas! Half the fun in this is preparing it! Bring a Frisbee to throw around, and you’ve created a cozy park environment. Disclaimer: you may receive some seriously envious looks from classmates passing by because of your super cute date.

8. Have a game room night

Most colleges have a game room, or at least a foosball machine, in the dorm lounge areas. Channel your inner child and spend some time getting silly and playing your favorite games! It’s a low-key, fun date where you both can just enjoy each other’s company while having a blast. This is a good date to get you and your guy comfortable with each other because you can just let loose and have a good time.

9. Have a study date

Every now and then we have to remind ourselves that we are in college, in fact, to study (we know; we forget too). Why not study together? Rent out a study room in the library for the two of you and quiz each other on flashcards. Grab coffees and play some music, and you’ll have so much fun you’ll forget you’re actually doing work!


What do you like to do on campus with your guy? Let us know in the comments below!

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