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5 Dates Your Guy Hates (But Won’t Admit It)


There’s nothing worse than being super hyped up for a date just to see your guy slumping through the motions. You may be into the whole museum idea, but he's not Harry, you're not Sally, and he's going to be bored out of his mind. Find something that you’ll both have a great time doing, and you’ll never have to worry!

1. The museum date

Browsing a modern art museum in your super-hip outfit may seem like a fab time, but your guy likely thinks differently. Unless he’s an art major (score!) or he’s specifically said he’s into art, he probably won’t enjoy walking around observing paintings of large, black dots.

“Museums are boring,” says Danny Thompson, a sophomore at Gettysburg College. “Especially if it’s something I’m not into, like art.”

Brendan Adamec, a sophomore at James Madison University, also mentions that he wouldn’t want to go to an art museum because it isn’t exciting. You want your guy to be on his toes, not falling asleep. Try something more active that lets you talk, like going for a walk and hitting up an awesome restaurant!

2. The movie date

Going to the movies may seem like a good way to break the ice or spend time together, but movie dates don’t allow for much interaction. “I secretly hate the movies,” says Joe Perry, a sophomore at the University of California, Santa Barbara. “You can't talk during the movies, and I'm big into talking and laughing and getting to know each other.”

If you and your guy do decide to see a movie, watch it at one of your places. The casual environment will take the awkwardness away and allow for more communication. This also provides an environment for optimal cuddling and homemade popcorn—double yay!

3. The bowling date

Bowling isn’t the best thing to do with only two people. “I hate going bowling with a girl,” says Jon Mimm, a sophomore at James Madison University. “Bowling isn’t that fun, and I’d rather do something I can help her with, like mini golf.”

Matt Milich, a sophomore at the University of Rhode Island, agrees. “I’d rather go bowling with my guy friends,” he says.

Mini golfing or going to the driving range may be a better way for some flirty competition than plain old bowling. Save the bowling alley for a rainy day with your grandparents!

4. The roller-skating date

It may seem like a fun flashback to go roller-skating with your man, but you should check with him before planning this date. “I wouldn’t want to go roller-skating with a girl because I suck at it,” says Chris Spencer, a sophomore at James Madison University. “I’m trying to impress a girl on a date, not embarrass myself.”

Grant Rybnicky, a sophomore at James Madison University, also mentions that he wouldn’t take a girl roller-skating because he’s bad at it. Maybe your guy is better at ice-skating, or maybe skating in general just isn’t his thing! Laser tag is a fun, physical option that doesn’t require as much skill. Try something more competitive that’s a better way to flirt without falling and hurting yourself!

5. The mall date

Going to the mall with your guy can be a nightmare. Long lines, awkward moments in Victoria’s Secret and your indecisiveness will most likely drive him crazy. Drew Dembek, a sophomore at James Madison University, says, “I wouldn’t want to go to the mall with a girl because I’m not interested in clothes shopping.”

Gaten Cancino, a freshman at James Madison University, agrees. “I secretly hate dates to the mall because I feel like I'm not her center of attention,” he says.

You may say you’re just going there to hang out and look around, but we all know that isn’t true! You’ll save your guy headaches from you asking, “Do I look good in this?” and, “Which do you like better?” And, let’s be real—shopping in Victoria’s Secret while your guy sits outside isn’t exactly quality time spent together.

Be sure to check with your guy before planning a date to see if he’d really be into it. Find something fun and sociable that you’ll both enjoy, and the date should go smoothly. If you’re dying to see the new Nicholas Sparks movie or need those new boots, bring your girls! 

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