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6 Easy Ways to Organize Your Makeup


As you’re digging through your overstuffed desk drawer desperately searching for that new tube of mascara, it hits you. Tossing all your beauty products into one drawer isn't the best way to store your makeup—maybe it's time to get organized. How to do it? Check out our six space-saving ideas below. Bonus: They're all totally chic ways to show off your favorite products while keeping them neat and easy to access... even if you've only got five minutes to get ready before you run out to that AM lecture.

1. Shoe Organizer ($9.99)

This shoe organizer works for three reasons: it’s cheap, it’s sheer (so you can see what product is in which pocket) and it doesn’t take up any valuable counter space. Organize hair products, styling tools, bottles of nail polish and more in these neat little pouches.

2. DIY Makeup Magnet Board



Recycle an old sheet pan, hot glue magnets to your makeup, and voilà! You have a super cool way to display pretty packaging, and it's easy to see where everything is.

3. Bubble Vases ($6)

As seen in many a fashion-girl’s Instagram feed, bubble vases are a cute way to display your makeup brushes. Fill the vase with marbles, sea shells or colored stones—whatever suits your dorm room decor. Doing this will help keep your brushes clean and keep the bristles from getting bent.

4. DIY Upcycle Candles

Recycle those empty candle glasses while conquering that ocean of lip glosses! 

5. Decorative Tray ($19.97)

A colorful tray is a chic, minimalist way to display your favorite perfume bottles. Put a tray on top of a stack of fashion-y coffee table books, add a small vase of pretty flowers and you're good to go. 

6. DIY Spice Rack

Tackle your endless supply of nail polish with this easy DIY project. Purchase a spice rack that will hold as much of your polish as possible and put your handyman skills to the test.

Having an organized makeup stash will make your life (and mornings!) so much easier. How do you keep your beauty products neat and tidy?


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