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The 11 Most Annoying Things That Happen to Girls


We all know that being a girl isn't always rainbows and sunshine. Things can be fine and dandy one second, but then your nails are drying and you remember just how vulernable you really are. Sometimes the only way to get over how much these things suck is to complain about them, so just let it happen.

1. Doing your nails before bed, only to realize that they'll inevitably be smudged in the morning. 

And now you have to start all over.

2. Going to use the bathroom at a boy's apartment and realizing he doesn't have any toilet paper. 

How does anyone live like this?

3. Wearing a skirt in an attempt to look cute, but the wind has different plans. 

Just pray no one saw your unicorn underwear. 

4. Doing your hair only to realize that it's raining and there was no point. 

Why even bother?

5. Wearing heels when you go out. 

And inevitably doing that awkward wobbly walk.

6. Having to sit like a lady. Come on, can't we just be comfortable?

7. Trying to put your hair up only to have your hair tie snap. 

Cue the rage. 

8. Getting your period at the most inopportune moments. 

And ruining the rest of your day as a result. 

9. Crying over something and realizing you didn't wear waterproof mascara. 

And it never looks as good as Lauren Conrad makes it look.  

10. Getting catcalled. And please, don't try to tell us it was a compliment. 

11. When your pants don't have any pockets.

And yet boys have pockets the size of purses. Has anyone else noticed this?

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