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6 Pieces of Personalized Jewelry for the Modern Girl


Do you remember Carrie’s personalized necklace in Sex and the City? Yeah, we do, too. It was so chic and perfect that we all wanted one for ourselves. These days, monograms have upped their game. You can still probably find the classic “Carrie” necklace somewhere, but the monograms of today are way cooler than those of the ‘00s. These are some of our favorite personalized necklaces, and where to find ‘em for yourself!

1. Morse Code

Imagine if you had to use Morse code to text… sounds terrible, right? Fortunately, the only dots and dashes you’ll ever have to use are in this adorable bar necklace. Spell out your first name or initials and choose a pretty color to set them in!

Necklace, $36, BaubleBar

2. Geographical Coordinates

Instead of a bracelet engraved with your name, how about the geographical coordinates of your hometown or a different meaningful location? We’re obsessed this gold bangle—you can personalize it however you want! Choose the metal, coordinates you want, engraving, and even if you want to add gemstones! It’s like the Veuve Clicquot of bangles.

Bracelet, $204, Coordinates Collection

3.  Zodiac Sign

Whether you believe in your astrological sign or not, these bar necklaces featuring astrological symbols are totally sleek. The simple design is understated and clean—perfect for lying under the stars or reading horoscopes.

Necklace, $20, Etsy

4. State Pendant

If you identify by the state from which you hail, and want the rest of the world to know it, then why not flaunt it? These adorable pendants come in a variety of colors—including gold and silver glitter!—and you can even include a heart-shaped cutout over a specific city. Talk about hometown pride!

Necklace, $52, BaubleBar

5. Block Letters  

For the gals out there who like traditional name necklaces like Carrie’s, try this modern update with cute block letters. It’s whimsical, fun, and really pretty. If you don’t want to spell out your whole first name, initials are fair game, too!

Necklace, $48, Adorn512

6. Initial Ring

Dainty rings are having a moment; from stackables to arrows, pile ‘em on for a trendy look. Initial rings are especially adorable—this heart-shaped one is perfect for daily wear.

Ring, $24, Etsy

Do you love these personalized pieces? Let us know which one is your favorite!


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