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7 Health Blogs You Need to Follow


After a busy day full of work, classes and other activities, it can be hard to get motivated to go to the gym or eat healthy. Who wants to work out after their busy day, especially when Gilmore Girls just got released on Netflix? But with these seven great fitness blogs, you can stay motivated, learn easy and effective workouts and make tasty, nutritious meals to turn your body into a lean, mean, college-conquering machine!

1. Choosing Raw

Choosing Raw is a food blog that focuses on vegan and raw food recipes. The idea behind the raw food philosophy is that a person should only eat fruits, veggies, nuts and other foods that come straight from the ground. The raw food diet is commonly known as a plant-based diet and has numerous health benefits, such as increased energy and lower cholesterol.

Choosing Raw has great recipes for vegetarians and vegans that are sure to help you feel energized and get all your fruits and veggies. All recipes are divided into sections such as smoothies, baked goods, entrees and breakfasts. Their roasted carrot hummus is great for an on-the-go snack, and all of the Choosing Raw desserts, such as the vegan blackberry coconut ice cream, look delicious.

2. Lift Like a Girl  

The Lift Like a Girl blog is a varied and adaptable approach to strength training and weightlifting. Nia Shanks, creator of Lift Like a Girl, told Her Campus that rather than being focused on a number on the scale, you should “make the goal to become a stronger, more awesome version of yourself. Instead of thinking about losing fat and burning calories, set some positive goals, such as being able to do 10 perfect push-ups or a bodyweight chin-up.”

Lift Like a Girl has specific workout plans tailored for what you want to accomplish, and Shanks demonstrates several exercises on easy-to-view YouTube videos. Shanks, the author of Sane and Simple Nutrition, says “working out… will allow you appreciate your body for what it can do and not just how it looks.” We love this body-positive attitude!

3. Fit Bottomed Girls

Fit Bottomed Girls is a great resource that’s filled with tips and tricks for becoming a fitness queen. With sections on workouts, recipes, motivation and more, Fit Bottomed Girls covers every base in the fitness blog repertoire.

The best part about this blog is its music section! Themed playlists such as “Do the Shuffle” and “Songs about Running” are sure to pump anyone up for their next workout. Fit Bottomed Girls also has product reviews so you can see if buying that new pair of Nikes is really worth it.

4. Fake Food Free

This blog is a great resource for healthy recipes from different cultures all around the world. The idea behind Fake Food Free is to provide food and meal ideas that focus on fresh ingredients and stay away from any processed additives. These meals are ones that you can easily make at home.

Not only does this blog provide wonderful recipes, such as the large selection of easy-to-make soups, but the detailed pictures are incredible. Fake Food Free is a great place to explore cuisines from every corner of the world while knowing that all your choices will be healthy and delicious. Some great recipes to start with are the Peanut Tea Cookies and the Hanoi Grilled Chicken. Both are fairly easy to make and are a nice break from dining-hall food!

5. Blogilates 

Blogilates is a great fitness site for clear and easy workout plans. By providing easy-to-follow instructions in both video and picture format, exercises can be learned in less than five minutes.

Blogilates also has tons of useful and super-cute, printable workout posters. Each workout poster has a set of exercises printed on it and an accompanying song to listen to while you get in shape. This poster series, called POP HIITS, shows quick two-to-three minute workouts that are paired with a catchy pop tune. You can print out as many of these colorful posters full of easy exercises as you’d like to hang in your dorm room for some fitness flair. Doing a workout in time to the music always makes it go faster!

6. Funeral For My Fat  

Funeral For My Fat is full of great inspirational quotes and ideas! The pictures of healthy food, women in great shape and motivational quotes really get you ready to tackle the day’s workout.

Sharee, the creator of Funeral For My Fat, also speaks about her personal journey of weight loss. In her Tumblr, Sharee says that she has lost 118 pounds over the course of five years. Her blog also includes her personal experience with surgery to remove loose skin after losing weight and a place where anyone can anonymouslyask her questions about fitness in general or her experiences.

7. The Petite Professional

The Petite Professional is all about how to be fit while accomplishing other life goals. Blogger Claire, who also created The Slender Student, a fitness blog about staying fit during the hectic days of college, has adopted The Petite Professional as her new blog persona after graduating college and moving into the business world. Even though her blog name has changed, Claire has promised that all of the recipes and workouts will be just as good as the great recipes from The Slender Student.

One of the reasons these sites are so wonderful is because they demonstrate how great and useful your body really is! Being healthy isn’t just about a number on a scale; it’s about what your body can accomplish and feeling comfortable in your own skin. Whether you’re looking to boost your confidence, get in shape, cook more or just become healthier in general, these health blogs are a great way to help!

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