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Taylor Swift's Best Looks (And the '1989' Tracks That Match Them!)


"1989" has been the number on everyone’s lips lately—it’s the title of reigning queen-of-pop Taylor Swift’s new album. If you haven’t heard it yet, don’t worry—these catchy, fun songs will definitely be following in the footsteps of T-Swift’s other massive hits. In honor of the release of her brand new album, we rounded up Taylor Swift’s 8 best looks, from the street to the red carpet to the stage, and picked the new tunes that go with them.

1. “Welcome to New York”

Taylor’s cute matching crop-top-skirt combo paired with bold accessories goes perfectly to the tune of the opening track on 1989, “Welcome to New York.” Not to mention she wore this look while out for a stroll in one of the most iconic NYC locations: Central Park.

2. “Shake It Off”

Unfortunately, Taylor’s appearance at the 2009 VMA’s was marked by some, ahem, unexpected interruptions. Kanye interruption or no Kanye interruption, Swift looked dazzling in a Kaufman Franco that allowed her to outshine the night’s unexpected events. T-Swift says it best: “the haters gonna hate, hate, hate...” 

3. “This Love”

Throwback! We won't ever forget the curly curls and the country-girl chic that Taylor used to embody. Her “Love Story” music video played out every girl’s fairytale fantasy—and it was fitting that she had the gorgeous white Cinderella-esque gown to match. Like the “Love Story” video, “This Love,” is another sweet, haunting track about great, passionate love.

4. “Style”

Swift certainly went out in style in this chic, bright yellow frock at a party in NYC with her close friend, supermodel Karlie Kloss. This is definitely one of Swift’s most fashion-forward looks yet, and as she sings in her new track “Style,” she really has that “red lip classic thing that we like,” going on here.

5. “Out of the Woods”

This gorgeous nude and sparkly red-petaled Jenny Packham dress from the 2012 CMA awards was the perfect choice to coincide with the release of her album Red. Her recent hit “Out of the Woods,” describes an intense and passionate love as bold as the red sparkle on her dress.

6. “I Wish You Would”

In what was probably her most memorable video, Taylor had many looks, and played both the evil cheerleader teen-queen and the shy, awkward underdog who gets the guy—leaving us with tons of laughs and ‘awws.’ We have to admit, we kind of love her geeky look, oversized glasses and all. “I Wish You Would,” is a similar tune about wishing for a love that won’t happen.

7. “Blank Space”

Taylor sparkled in this short, swingy dress she wore for her Sparks Fly tour. We love the way the fringe makes it look as if sparks were actually flying. Like in the sassy tone of the upbeat “Blank Space,” this was Taylor at her strongest and finest.

8. “Wildest Dreams”

Like her new song “Wildest Dreams,” Taylor showed off stunned in a dress any girl would dream of wearing: this gorgeous, sophisticated wine-toned trumpet gown at the 2013 Golden Globe awards. Darker colors are an unexpected pick for her, but she totally works this bold, glammed-up look.

T-Swift definitely has the style-creds to go with her music talent. Do you have a favorite 1989 track, collegiettes?

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